HostArmada Affiliate Program

We offer a multi-tier affiliate program with absolutely free Sign Up and bonuses based on your performance for optimal income!

  • Free Sign Up
  • $10 Starting Bonus
  • Automated Monthly Payout
  • Up to $200 per qualified Sale
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Marketing

More Sales equal Bigger Commission

Every Sale counts! Receive better Commission per Qualified Sale based on the number of Sales you bring for a given month!
Affiliate Cookie Lifetime

90 Days Affiliate Cookie Life

Thanks to the extended life of our Affiliate Program cookies, you will get credit for the sale even if the client takes 90 days to purchase a service!
Unlimited Growth

Infinite Potential and Growth

No matter how many Sales you bring, we will always honor the monthly payout and reward you with a commission for every customer!

Earn Commission up to $200 per Qualifying Sale!!

Receive genuine appreciation for the hard work you put in by collecting one of the highest commissions on the market!

Sales/Hosting Plans Cloud Shared Hosting Cloud Reseller Hosting Cloud SSD VPS Hosting Dedicated CPU Hosting
1-5 Sales /month $50 /sale $50 /sale $75 /sale $100 /sale
6-10 Sales /month $75 /sale $75 /sale $100 /sale $125 /sale
11-20 Sales /month $100 /sale $100 /sale $125 /sale $150 /sale
20+ Sales /month $125 /sale $125 /sale $150 /sale $200 /sale

What features do you get as a HostArmada Affiliate?

Taking advantage of the feature-packed affiliate system we offer, guarantees your success by boosting conversion, and helping you earn those sweet commissions you are after!

Performance Driven Affiliate Program

Get a reward based on the number of sales you bring to HostArmada each month - the more Sales you make the more money you will earn. Thanks to our Multi-Tier Affiliate program you can calculate and control the amount of money you earn.

Detailed Tracking of Clicks and Sales

Our Affiliate Program will grant you access to one of the most intuitive and easy to manage Affiliate Dashboards where you will be able to receive live statistic on the number of clicks on your affiliate links as well as the number of sales that you make.

Pre-Configured Landing Pages

For every Affiliate Campaign, you will be provided with an easy to use Affiliate Links which will send the referred customer on the correct Landing Page for the promoted by you Web Hosting Service! This will increase your conversion even more!

Awesome Promotional Materials

Catch the attention of your visitors and convert them to potential Sales thanks to the vast amount of marketing materials that we will provide you with! You will be able to choose amongst banners, pre-configured links or ready-to-use email templates!

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Communicate with the right person when it comes to your earnings! Every HostArmada affiliate will have an exclusive point of contact - a dedicated Affiliate Manager. This will be the person who will answer all your questions in a timely manner!

Starting Bonus to motivate you

We believe that promoting a quality service deserves a quality reward for your efforts. In addition to our exceptional commissions, we also provide a One Time Starting Bonus of $10 to show our appreciation for the affiliates promoting our services!

Precise Monthly Payout

Receive what you earn regularly without submitting withdrawal requests. All you need to do is provide us with your PayPal email and we will automatically send you the commissions you gained between the 1st and 5th day of the following month!

45 Days Withhold Period

To ensure that every commission will be valid and all the terms and conditions are met, we wait for 45 days until a commission gets approved. This is mainly due to the extended moneyback guarantee offer that we have for our Shared Hosting plans!

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Why promote HostArmada?

Have a peace of mind when promoting HostArmada to your clients. We guarantee a robust, high-quality service that everyone can enjoy!

The right Plan for every Customer!
Thanks to the large variety of offered Web Hosting Solutions, HostArmada can answer the demand of each customer. From providing optimized Shared Web Hosting to building scalable multi-server solutions - your referred customers will always be in good hands!
Resourceful 24/7/365 Technical Support
Our customers are our top priority. This is why we assembled a team of experienced, out-of-the-box thinking crew, that always goes the extra mile to ensure the flawless hosting experience for our clients. There is no doubt that the team will handle any customer request and invest the needed dedication to resolve it.
The Best quality money can buy
Every Web Hosting Plan we offer is packed with features and goes beyond what the symbolic price tag entails. We believe that every client deserves a quality product, without breaking the bank. On top of that, the 45 days money-back grace period gives our clients the confidence they need to take our hosting plans for a spin and love it or receive their money back.
One of the highest commissions
Settle with nothing less than what you deserve! HostArmada multi-tier affiliate program offers one of the highest commissions you can receive for qualifying sales. Making more than 20 Sales per month? - Contact your HostArmada Affiliate manager and arrange even better commissions to boost your income!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the HostArmada Affiliate Program and how it works?
  • The HostArmada Affiliate Program is a partnership opportunity that any individual can consider taking part in. The program stimulates our partners' endeavor to promote our business with a substantial commission for every qualifying sale on our Website. Every partner is given a unique affiliate link that can be sent to potential customers either by sharing the link on social media or directly on an existing website. Any visitor that clicks the link is then given a unique cookie that tells our Affiliate Program who sent the customer to our website. If the customer purchases any of the Web Hosting Products we offer while having an existing cookie associated with already registered Affiliate partner of HostArmada, we will issue a reward in the form of Affiliate Commission for the qualified Sale.

Do I need to be an existing customer of HostArmada to join the Affiliate Program?
  • Absolutely not! Everyone can join our affiliate program whether is an existing customer of our services or not. The perk of joining our Affiliate Program while at the same time being our customer is that you are given the extra option to pay for your Web Hosting service using any approved Affiliate Commissions.

How to join HostArmada Affiliate Program?
  • In order to join our Affiliate Program, you will need to fill a registration form on our Affiliate Portal. Immediately after the form is submitted you will receive a confirmation letter on the email you have specified with further instructions on how to complete the registration process. Once you are ready, you will be given access to our Powerful Affiliate Dashboard where you will be given the tools you will need in order to promote our business and earn good money!

How can I get paid?
  • Once you have enough earned commissions to cover the minimum payout amount of $100 you can request a Payout via our Affiliate Dashboard. This will alert your dedicated Affiliate Manager and you will be provided with all the approved unpaid commissions up to that moment. At this point, HostArmada supports only PayPal for sending commissions to our Affiliates so if we already have your PayPal email we will immediately send the approved commissions. 

How much can I expect earning from the HostArmada Affiliate Program?
  • HostArmada does not put any limit to the number of referred customers purchasing services from our website. Therefore, the potential of earning through our Affiliate Program is basically unlimited.

What if I refer a customer while you have an active sitewide promotion with specific promocode?
  • No matter the promotion that we run on our website, every Affiliate will be rewarded for every qualifying sale that is done through the provided by our Affiliate Program link. Therefore, you will not only get rewarded but we also allow you to share the coupon codes that we have listed on our website for any ongoing promotion. However, those cannot be used as a Meta Titles and/or Meta Description of your pages or in other words should not be searchable through any of the Search Engines. 

Will I get paid if I use my Affiliate Link when purchasing a service from HostArmada for myself?
  • Unfortunately no. Our Affiliate Program aims to promote our services while awarding the endeavor of our Affiliates. Therefore any commission earned from self-referral will be denied automatically by our Affiliate Program. If you are looking to get a discount for our services and we do not run any sitewide promotion, please check with our Sales Department since they will have a good offer for you.

Can I get a unique Coupon Code?
  • Unfortunately, no. HostArmada does not provide custom/unique promotion/coupon codes to Affiliates. However, you can always share on your website any ongoing sitewide promotion that we have. 

What is the Minimum Payout amount?
  • The Minimum Payout amount is currently $100 which is easily reachable by referring at least 2 customers to our Shared Hosting Services. 

What is a Withhold period and how long does it take?
  • A Withhold period or also referred to as Commission Maturity is a period of 45 days in which any received Commissions are remaining in Pending Status. During this period your dedicated Affiliate Manager will be validating the referred customer as well as will be determining if the Sale is qualifying for a Commission. If the referred customer cancels their Web Hosting Account with HostArmada for that period, no commission will be issued. Please note that this period matches the 45 days money-back guarantee that HostArmada provides for the offered Web Hosting Services. 

Can I have multiple Affiliate Accounts?
  • You can indeed register as much Affiliate accounts as you would need to, but please bear in mind that you cannot use the same email nor the same PayPal account for receiving any Approved Commissions.