Kickstart your online presence with a brand-new Domain Name!

Vast selection of domain name extensions giving a beginning to thousands of websites!

Why choose HostArmada for your
Domain Name Registrar?

Vast Selection of Domain Names!

With over 500 domain extensions, finding the perfect domain for your website has never been easier. Whether you're starting a new venture, extending your online presence, or simply exploring new possibilities, we've got you covered with the right domain extension.

Carefree renewal with Auto-Renewal!

Skipping the renewal date of a domain name can cost a lot and even loss of the domain name itself. Thanks to our automated domain renewal and notification system, you will always know when a domain is up for renewal and never skip that crucial period!

24/7/365 Domain Name Support

Thanks to our 24/7/365 available Domain Support Crew, our clients can be sure that we will always be there to land assistance with the management of their Domains. Our Domain Support Crew is available via Chat or through our Ticketing System!

What do you get with every
Domain Name?

Domain Management

Simple and intuitive domain management

Easily Manage your Domain Names thanks to our intuitive and easy-to-use Client Area. Find all your domains on one place and easily get help for any issues you might face with your domain names!

  • Check Manage Domain Registrations, Renewals and Transfers
  • Check Manage Domain Privacy options
  • Check Get Domain Help
DNS Management

DNS Management

The most important part of managing a domain name is to be able to Create, Edit, and Delete DNS records. Thanks to the DNS management service we provide, you have complete control over the DNS records without any limitations about the DNS records types.

  • Check Edit Domain Nameservers
  • Check Edit Domain DNS records
  • Check Create your own nameservers
Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding

Easily forward a domain name to another URL, any Social page, or any 3rd party service providers thanks to our Free Domain Forwarding Feature. With it, our clients do not need to have a Web Hosting Account to be able to forward a Domain Name!

  • Check Forward Domain name to another by URL redirect
  • Check Forward Domain name to another by CNAME DNS Record
SubDomains Management

Subdomains Management

A crucial part of the Complete Domain Name Management is the ability to create and fully manage Subdomains.

  • Check Included with every web hosting plan
  • Check Create subdomains with DNS records forwarding to third-party services

Domain Security at its finest!

Privacy Protection
Privacy Protection
Protect your personal data so nobody will be able to see it in the public WHOIS record! Thanks to our Privacy Protection service, your personal information will be replaced by secured placeholder!
Domain Locking
Domain Locking
Every domain name that you register with us will be locked by default, so it cannot be transferred without your approval! Тo transfer your domain - simply remove the lock from the HostArmada Client Area!
SSL Certificate
Free SSL Certificate
The visitors of your website should browse your website without the risk of exposing their personal information! Thanks to our Free SSL service, we will encrypt the connection with your website visitors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You ask, we answer! Here are the most asked questions for our Domain Registration service!

What is a Domain Name?
  • A Domain Name, also known as the Name of a Website, is a user-defined combination of letters, numbers and some special symbols. The main purpose of the formed string is to serve as an easy-to-remember address pointing to a web resource, such as a website, for example.

    Using a domain name in different software products such as Web Browsers enables Internet users to easily access Information, Media, or Services available on the World Wide Web.

    The typical structure of a Domain Name is a Top Level Domain and a Second level domain. For example, in the domain name, the Top Level Domain is ".com", and the Second-Level Domain is "HostArmada". The Top Level Domain is also known as Domain Extension, and it can vary depending on the needs of the domain owner.

Why are domain names a necessity?
  • Initially, when the Internet was born, the users were accessing websites by typing the IP address of the server where a website is being hosted. An IP address is a physical address of a resource available on the World Wide Web. This physical address is formed by four blocks of three-digit numbers called classes or blocks. An example of an IP address is

    So for every website, the users had to remember the IP address and type it each time they would like to access that website. Quite inconvenient, isn't it? So, for easing the process of remembering website addresses, a new type of web address has been introduced - a Domain Name. Thanks to the combined power of the DNS service and the Web Server, a domain name can be easily mapped to a website, so when the domain name is typed in an Internet Browser, it can display an actual website.

Can everyone own a Domain Name?
  • Yes! Domain names are widely available, and basically, everyone with access to the Internet and few cents in their bank can register a domain name. The procedure of registration is typically automated due to its complexity, however, here is the general Domain Registration Workflow:

    Domain names are registered through Registrars such as Once we receive an order for the registration of a Domain Name, we contact our Registry and order the registration of the submitted by our customer domain name along with all other required by the Registry Domain information. As soon as the Registry approves the registration, the Domain name becomes a property of the customer who purchased the registration from us.

What is Top Level Domain (TLD) or Domain Extension?
  • A Top-Level Domain (TLD) or also known as Domain Extension, is that part of a Domain Name that illustrates the relation of the Domain name to an actual domain (area) of expertise. Typically it is located directly after the Second-Level Domain or after the last "." (dot) in the Domain Name string. 

    For example, in the domain name the ".com" part is the Top Level Domain, and it represents the relation between our services and the Commercial (.com) area of expertise.

    Another good example is The TLDs or Domain Extension, in this case, is ".de", and it illustrates that the domain relates to Germany. 

    HostArmada offers a large variety of domain extensions that our users can easily register. However, there are certain TLDs or Domain Extensions that have specific requirements to the Registra

Are there any limitations for the registration of a Domain Name?
  • The domain name itself or being technically accurate - the Second Level Domain (user-defined) has very few requirements. A common requirement is about the length of a Domain Name - it can be between 4 and 63 characters long. 

    Depending on the Top Level Domain, also known as Domain Extension, the requirements can vary, and everyone needs to comply with those before registering a Domain Name. We strongly suggest for our customers to check the dedicated page for the Domain Extension that they are about to register so they can be fully aware of the requirements.

What are the common rules that I need to follow for registering a successful Domain Name?
  • There are a lot of rules and recommendations that can be given on the subject, but here are the most important:

    • Avoid Long Domain names - Although the limitation of characters for Domain Names is 63, it does not mean that you have to register the longest possible. In fact, registering short but memorable domain names is always better
    • Duplicated letters - In most of the cases, a domain name consists of two, three, or four words. Making sure that there will be no duplicate letters between the words will make your domain unmistakable when being typed. An example for bad domain is
    • Dashes, dashes all the way - Avoid using dashes for separati

Why should I register more than one Domain Name?
  • Registering more than one domain name related to the same website means to register the same Domain Name but with a different extension. For example, you can register, but you can also register,, or even some country-specific domain like,, and so on. The main goal of registering as much as alternative Domain Names as possible is to avoid someone else doing that with your original Domain. For example, if a customer register, another customer can register and have a different website under that domain or even a similar website pretending to be the original business.

Why should I consider transferring my Domain Name from another Registrar to HostArmada?
  • Transferring a Domain Name to HostArmada is not a necessity, and we are not forcing our clients to do so. However, by doing that, they will ease the Domain Management workflow since the domain name will be managed from the same Client Area control panel as the purchased Web Hosting Package. Furthermore, once transferred, we will renew each domain for 1 year ahead, and even if the domain is within the list of supported free domains, it will be renewed for free along with the Web Hosting Service. At this point, we can offer free registration/transfer/renewal service for the following Domain Name Extensions:


    .com; .net; .org; .us; .biz; .info.; .de;;; .ca; .eu; .uk; .tokyo; .futbol; .business; .click;

How long I have to wait before my Domain Name is finally transferred to HostArmada?
  • Once a Domain Name transfer has been initiated, it might take anywhere between 1 and 7 business days to complete. Of course, in most of the cases, the transfer is completed within 2 days, but there are rare cases when the transfer could be delayed depending on the negotiation between domain Registrars. When a Domain Transfer is Completed, the Domain Name will be shown as Active in your Client Area. Otherwise, it will be under the Pending Transfer status.

What expenses will I have if I transfer my domain to HostArmada?
  • The costs for the maintenance of your Domain Name depend on the Top Level Domain or your Domain's Extension. Typically a customer registering a domain name with HostArmada will have to pay for the registration service fee depending on the Top Level Domain, the period for which the Domain Name is being registered and finally depending on whether the Domain Name is in an ongoing promotion. Next, when the domain is close to its Expiration date, we will send a renewal notice containing an invoice that has to be paid if the domain should be further maintained. In most of the cases, the price presented in the renewal invoice will be the same as the initially paid for the domain registration except the cases when the Domain Name has been purchased with any promotional term. 

How can I register a Domain Name for FREE?
  • Free Domain registration/transfer service is offered only for certain Top Level Domains or Domain Extensions, that are registered or transferred along with any of the Web Hosting Packages we offer. In other words, if a client would like to register a free domain name this is only possible with the purchase of Web Hosting Package. Currently we offer free Domain Registration/Transfer along with the purchased Web Hosting Plan for the following Top Level Domains: 


    .com; .net; .org; .us; .biz; .info.; .de;;; .ca; .eu; .uk; .tokyo; .futbol; .business; .click;

What is a Privacy Protection service?
  • Privacy protection is an addon service we offer which, as the name suggests, will protect the personal information of domain owners. Typically every Domain Name requires the Domain Name owner to submit personal information in the form of contact details when a Domain Name is being registered. That information is public whenever someone performs a WHOIS lookup for the Domain Name. However, by purchasing our Privacy Protection addon service, our clients will have their personal information replaced by placeholder information that will relate the domain name to us. This allows for any emails that are sent to the domain owner based on the personal details in the WHOIS record to be forwarded to the actual hidden address of our client without exposing that address for spammers or other malicious users.

How is the Domain Registration/Transfer service compliant with the GDPR directives?
  • Although both of the services sound very similar, there is one substantial difference between those. By using the free GDPR Domain Privacy service, only our EU customers can actually have their personal information hidden. Furthermore, hiding personal information does not mean that our customers will be able to receive emails on the Administrative and Technical contact emails since those will be hidden upon a WHOIS search. However, by purchasing our Privacy Protection addon service, not only the personal information for all domain contacts will be hidden, but also any incoming emails to any of these will be forwarded by us accordingly.

What is the difference between the GDPR Domain Privacy and your Privacy protection services?
  • Although both of the services sound very similar, there is one substantial difference between those. By using the free GDPR Domain Privacy service, only our EU customers can actually have their personal information hidden. Furthermore, hiding personal information does not mean that our customers will be able to receive emails on the Administrative and Technical contact emails since those will be hidden upon a WHOIS search. However, by purchasing our Privacy Protection addon service, not only the personal information for all domain contacts will be hidden, but also any incoming emails to any of these will be forwarded by us accordingly.

How to transfer a domain to HostArmada?
  • Transferring a domain to HostArmada is child's play. Of course, before playing the game, you will have to learn the rules. The rules for successful domain transfer depend mainly on the transferred TLD or Domain Extension. However, here are the most common ones:

    1. The transferred Domain Name should be in a status that allows its transfer - ACTIVE or OK.
    2. The customer should have access to the Administrative Contact email address that the domain uses.
    3. The customer should have the EPP transfer code, which can be obtained by the current registrar of the Domain Name.
    4. The Domain Name should be registered already for at least 60 days.
    5. The expiration date of the Domain Name should be more than 15 days after the day a customer will request the transfer.
    6. The Personal Information for the transferred Domain Name should be visible upon WHOIS search, or in other words, no Privacy Protection services should be enabled.