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Can I adjust my billing cycle the way I see fit?

At HostArmada, you select your billing cycle for the service you purchase upon sign-up. Once you have made your choice, you cannot manually re-adjust your billing cycle. However, we are very happy to announce that this is by no means final. Whenever you would like to increase/decrease the billing period of your service, you can always contact us through phone, live chat, or a ticket to our billing team so you can receive assistance with this endeavor.

We want to be flexible with our customers and we clearly understand that everyone is living in a fast-paced world that changes by the minute. In case your goal would be to increase your billing cycle, you will only need to cover the difference in price between your current one and the one you wish to go with. If your desire is to decrease the billing period, the difference will be returned back to you as a credit in your account, which can be used for future purchases and renewals.

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