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How can I order additional products through my client area?

At HostArmada, customers are able to place orders through the website directly and also through their own individual client area.

Once you are logged into your client area, you will be able to spot a menu on the left side of your screen called “Order Products”. Once clicked, it will present you with options to purchase a hosting service(Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated server) or an addon service for an already existing package of yours.


Order HostArmada Hosting Service or an Addon Service


You can choose the services you would like to go with and by selecting them, they will be added to your shopping cart, which itself is the third option in the drop-down menu. You can also see it in the top right corner of your client area.

Once you go to the shopping cart, you will be presented with options to checkout with the services you’ve currently selected and even a field to put a promo code, in case you have such. You can also use the red “Empty Cart” button in case you’ve changed your mind and do not wish to proceed with the purchase.


Proceed with HostArmada service purchase


In case you experienced any difficulties purchasing or you would just like to be extra sure with your choice, you can contact us through phone or live chat so you will have peace of mind and ensure that you are getting the right solution for your project.

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