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How can I renew my services manually?

At HostArmada we value our customers’ time and we would like you to have a convenient experience using our services. This is why in order to enhance that, we have our system automatically taking care of your service renewal 7 days prior to your renewal due date.

However, we understand that some people would like to complete that action manually instead of having it done automatically by our system. If you would like to complete your renewal on your own. In case you would like to go through that route, you can follow these steps:

-> Client Area -> “Pay all” option

You can see this option in the bottom right corner of your client area:


Pay all HostArmada overdue invoices


If you do not want to cover all the due invoices, you can tick the boxes of the ones you only want to pay and perform the payment for them.

You can also achieve the same goal through the “My invoices” menu, you will be able to see the “Pay all” option once again:


Pay selected HostArmada overdue invoices


Or you can select the arrow on the right side of each invoice and then your browser will take you directly to the invoice. You will be presented with an option to choose to complete the payment for the invoice with Credit Card or PayPal and simply proceed by clicking the “Pay now” button.

If you would like to receive assistance with your renewals, do not hesitate to contact us through our support channels, we are available for you 24/7/365!

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