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How does the suspension of my service affect me?

You may end up trying to load your website and noticing that it has been suspended. As much as we do not like to suspend our customers’ services here at HostArmada, it is sometimes necessary and always for a reason. There are several scenarios in which your account may end up being suspended:

1. You are past your renewal due date and the 48 hours grace period we provide for you to renew, once a service has expired. 

In such a situation, you will need to cover your outstanding service renewal invoice through your client area. More information on this you can find in this article:

Renewal policy and options to set automatic renewals

In order to avoid service interruptions, you can enable automatic renewal for your service by contacting HostArmada support.

2. You have violated the acceptable resource usage for your hosting account and your project requires more server resources to operate properly.

3. You have copyrighted content on your website that is being used without the agreement of the intellectual property owner.

4. You have violated any privacy policy according to HostArmada’s terms of service.

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