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How will I know when my service renewal is due?

Here at HostArmada, we take pride in ensuring our customers have a stable and reliable service before anything else.

We do care about our customers' projects and we aim to provide you with a reminder of your renewal before an automatic charge for it has been made. We will send you a reminder 7 days before your renewal due date. In case you’re unable and you miss the due date, we will provide you with an additional 48 hours time to take care of it.

If you renew your account before your host service’s expiration date, this will not affect your renewal date afterward. The system will count your new renewal post the renewal date of your current billing cycle.

If you just want to check your service's renewal date, you can easily do that through your client area:

-> Client Area -> My Service -> Manage Service


HostArmada Hosting plan Next Due Date


Then all that's left to be done is to look at "Next Due Date" in the "Billing Details" graph.


HostArmada Hosting plan Billing Details


In case you require any assistance with your renewal or you want to discuss something about it, feel free to reach us through our support channels - over a ticket to our billing department, via live chat or phone.

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