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Once I purchase a product, do I get an invoice?

When you purchase any type of service with HostArmada, you will get an invoice synced with the details you have entered as primary for your account. You can review and change them at any given point in time from your HostArmada Client Area. Once you are logged into your account, please navigate to My Account My Details from the left-hand side menu.

This action will take you to a new page listing your account details. If you are happy with the information that you want to be present on your invoice, please leave them as they are. Alternatively, please adjust the details as you find appropriate and click on the purple “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page.


View HostArmada Account Details


Please note that the invoice will always use the main account’s information. 

After you have made sure you have the correct details that you want to see on each of your invoices, you can go to the “Billing” section of your client area -> “My invoices” menu. There you will be presented with all your invoices.


View HostArmada Invoice Details


To view a particular invoice, please click either on the corresponding invoice number or on the arrow icon. Once this is done, it will be displayed in your browser with the account details you have in your client area, the service, and the due amount. The invoice is also downloadable in PDF format and directly printable from your device.

There are four different available statuses that an invoice may have:

  • Paid - the invoice has been paid successfully
  • Unpaid - there is a due amount that needs to be covered
  • Canceled - the invoice has been canceled and no amount is due on it
  • Refunded - the amount of the invoice has either been refunded back to you or is currently in the process of being returned

For information on how to renew your service manually, you can refer to this article:

How can I renew my services manually?

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