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What do I have to do if my payment fails?

The majority of people purchasing different products/services online have experienced failed payments. Here are some of the most common scenarios in which your payment may not go through:

  • A mismatch in the information you have provided - you may have made a mistake whenever providing your credit card information in our system. Double-check the details you have entered and try again.
  • Your card may have expired - if your payment has not gone through, please double-check if your card has not expired. In case it is, you would probably need to contact your bank.
  • Authorization - depending on your personal preferences or your bank policy, you might need to authorize the transaction with your bank so the payment can go through.
  • Card limits - your card may have a daily/monthly/fund limit that you might have reached, so no additional charges can be made with the same card for a specific timeframe. You would likely need to check with your bank regarding that.

If your situation does not align with some of the above-mentioned scenarios, you can always contact your bank and learn more about the details surrounding the failed payment. You are also more than welcome to reach our staff over live chat, phone, or through a support ticket. We are there for you 24/7 and our billing team will be more than happy to assist you whenever possible!

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