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What is the difference between the Client Area and the cPanel?

There is a significant difference between the cPanel and the Client Area. To avoid any misunderstanding, we will explain what you can achieve in each panel to clear the confusion and enable you to use them as intended.

Client Area

The Client Area is the place where you manage your products (hosting accounts, servers, and domain names). Through it, you can purchase more products and upgrade your existing ones. Inside, you will receive news about our services, such as ongoing promotions, maintenance periods, and you will see reminders of outstanding invoices. Most importantly, the Client Area is your direct contact with our support team. You can submit tickets and review all your ticket history with our technical specialists.


HostArmada Client Area


Our Client Areal is also armed with a very well-structured knowledge base containing information for pretty much any general, technical, or billing case you might experience. We have very helpful guides about the Client Area, which you can review on our "Client Area" category of our Learning Center.

The login URL for the Client Area is:

To log in, please utilize the email account and password you used when you signed up for our hosting services.


cPanel is the place where you can manage all your hosting-related features, such as domain names, websites, and email accounts. It consolidates all the needed functionalities, such as the "FileManager" functionality (used to deploy, edit, delete or create new files), the "Addon Domains" functionality (used to add more domain names to your hosting account and change their root directories), and the "Email Accounts" functionality (used to create email accounts, change their password or restrict them).  It has information about your current resource utilization and disk usage, as well as the AWstats feature, populated with data related to your website's access, such as daily visits, unique visitors, and most accessed URLs on your website. We have amazing tutorials about the cPanel, which you should definitely check out!


HostArmada cPanel


To log into your cPanel, please use the URL, username, and password we provided in the "Welcome to HostArmada" email you receive upon signing up. If you have purchased our VPS or Dedicated Servers, the login URL and credentials are going to be inside the server setup ticket, and you can see it on your ticket history page.

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