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Can I host my domain with you without transferring it?

You may host your domain name with us without needing to transfer it from the registrar or third-party host you purchased it. Each domain has a DNS zone. From this DNS zone, you can point the domain name to any hosting server using nameservers that resolve to its IP address. 

To host a domain name, you purchased from a third-party service provider on your package with us; please arrange the following:

  1. Make sure you add the domain name on your server with us. If the domain name is the primary for the account, it is already going to have a DNS zone on the server. If you have a plan that supports addon domains, please read our tutorial on how to add an addon domain from your cPanel. This process is going to add a DNS zone on the server for that domain name.
  2. Please make sure to point your domain name to the nameservers corresponding to your server. To find your name servers, please visit your client area. From there, please select the "My Services" link located on the left side of the screen. The link is going to send you to your products page. They are going to populate box sections, and in the middle of each of these box sections, you are going to find the nameservers for each respective hosting account. Once you have your name servers, please proceed to your third-party domain service provider's dashboard and add these nameservers for your domain name.


Find the nameservers of your HostArmada Hosting Plan


The act of pointing your domain name to our name servers is going to trigger the so-called propagation period. After it ends, you are going to be able to start using your domain name on your hosting account with HostArmada.

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