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How can I have custom name servers?

Custom nameservers or otherwise known as Private DNS is a service we provide that lets you customize your nameservers. The Private DNS gives your business a professional look in front of your clients and is highly renowned by business owners. The main requirement so that we can set this service for you is to have your domain registered with us. Alternatively, you can transfer your existing domain to our company. 

An example of custom nameservers is if your domain is called, your nameservers can look like this:

Our Technical Support handles the entire process of setting up the private DNS, however, we will walk you through the steps they take so you may get a better understanding:

  1. First, we will create Child Nameservers for your domain, which are, in fact, the personal nameservers that it is going to use. Child nameservers are simple A records that we will point to your current hosting server's IP address.
  2. When we create the child nameservers, we will go to your domain's DNS zone, add them there as A records and point them to the server's IP address.
  3. Lastly, we will change the current nameservers your domain is using to the newly created ones. This act will invoke the so-called propagation period, and after the necessary time has passed, your domain name will start resolving on the server with his brand new pair of nameservers!

If your domain name is registered with a different registrar, the steps mentioned above must be performed on their end.

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