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What can I do when my domain name is in the PendingRedemption status?

The PendingRedemption status or the RedemptionPeriod lasts for 30-60 days based on the domain Registrar. You can find more information about this status in our domain status article. While this period is active, you may renew your domain, however, the renewal is going to be at an increased cost, depending on the TLD. When this happens, please submit a ticket through our ticketing system in your Client Area, or contact our live chat representatives available on our website. They are going to be able to give you a quote about the renewal for your domain and help you renew it.

Please note that some domain names are going to enter the RedemptionPeriod as soon as they expire, and the time it lasts could be significantly lower than the standard 30-60 days mentioned above. We highly recommend getting acquainted with your domain's TLD and make sure you renew each time it is about to expire or a few weeks prior. We have configured our system to renew all your domains registered with us automatically.

Unfortunately, sometimes, there may be issues with the process itself (typically with an expired credit card or insufficient funds inside it), so please make sure you check all your invoices and notification emails from our system two weeks before the expiration. This time-frame should give you enough leeway to act if there are any problems.

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