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What is a domain TLD?

A domain TLD(Top Level Domain) is the extension of your domain. More specifically, this is the phrase or letter combination that comes after the dot. For instance - - the TLD for this domain is COM. There are hundreds of thousands of TLDs and each one of them has a specific authority handing their registration. A good example of this would be the country-specific domain extensions such as:

  • .us
  • .ca
  • .fr
  • .de

Usually, these extensions require that you are a citizen of the respective country and have they have various verification procedures that need to be followed so you may register them.

A great domain name can help you press your business forward, reach all your customers, and attract a new audience. It is really important to pick a domain name that is relevant to your business and combine it with a domain extension to further enhance its potential. We, at HostArmada, know perfectly well how important this is and because of that, we provide our clients with a huge variety of extensions they can pick from our domain portal.

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