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How often does HostArmada back up my websites?

Backups are an integral part of the web hosting industry, or at least this is what we at HostArmada believe. We have made sure that everyone using our Hosting Services, no matter what plan they are on, benefits from a reliable backup system. The only thing which varies is the regularity in which the backups occur. Below, we will go over all of the packages that we offer and their backup methods so you can get a good understanding of the backup process.

Shared Hosting Servers

On our shared hosting service, our clients will find the JetBackup section under which they can use the provided features to restore their files, databases, and email accounts from the generated automatic backups for previous dates.

For our smallest plan - the Start Dock, each client has 1 backup done each day for 7 days, which leaves him a total of 7 available backups. At the end of the 7-day cycle, the last available backup will be removed and a new, more recent one will be created.

Here is an example - if you sign with us on the 1st of July then the first backup will be done on that specific date. After 7 days you will have available backups from the 1st of July until the 7th. On the next day - 8th of July, the first backup is done on the 1st will be removed and you will have backups from the 2nd of July until the 8th and the cycle will repeat and ensure the 7 backups.

Our next plan - the Web Warp will provide our clients with 14 days of backups and finally, our Speed Reaper will back up our clients’ accounts for 21 days, giving them the highest number of backups available. The method of backup generation will be exactly the same as with the provided example for the Start Dock package with the only difference being the period that is covered.

VPS Cloud Servers & Dedicated CPU Servers

Our VPS and Dedicated Servers have a different backup scheme. The way the system performs the process is not set in stone but rather, it is configured proactively by our team. What this means is that the backup service itself is carefully tailored based on the usage of the client’s projects that are (or will be transferred) on the server as the backups are stored locally on the server itself. Here is an example:

You purchase a VPS server, which has 80G of disk space available. Naturally, around 13-15GB will be occupied by the OS and cPanel and the rest which is 65G will be allotted for your projects. If your site is 10G, for example, we will configure the backup service to generate the backups once every other day and we will also set a weekly backup rotation only occurring on Sunday afternoon so that all the progress you make throughout the week is saved. Of course, this will be all explained to you and you can ask us to modify the rotation as best as you see fit.

If your website is 50G, then, unfortunately, you will not have room for backups on the server. In this situation, we will recommend either an upgrade service to a higher plan or advice you to consider an Off-Side Backup solution, which will provide your server with a remote disk where the backups can be stored on a predefined rotation depending on the size of your websites, leaving the storage on your server completely available to all your websites.

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