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How can I transfer my website to HostArmada ?

As part of your HostArmada hosting package, we offer a free website migration option. Our team of highly experienced support members has transferred thousands of websites, and you can rest assured that your application is going to be moved flawlessly with no data loss or downtime.

To opt-in for this free migration, please submit a ticket in our "Website Transfer" category:

As each website is unique, there is no set in stone procedure that we use in every scenario. Generally, we can separate the transfer process in two methods: Manual Transfer and Full cPanel migration. We are going to list the information we need so we can initiate each particular migration type.

Manual Transfer

Our hosting solutions include a cPanel account, which is the world's most robust hosting control panel.  There are other hosting providers out there that use either a different panel or have a custom one developed for their service. The downside of this transfer is that it does not include the rest of your services, such as email accounts, aliases, and sub-domains. They need to be either transferred afterward using different means or re-configured on your new cPanel account with us. In such a situation, we have no other choice to migrate the website manually.  Here is what we need:

  • FTP or SSH login details along with either PHPMyAdmin (or similar MySQL data administration software) login details. Once we have those available, we are going to move the files of your application along with its database and deploy them on your hosting account. Afterward, there are a series of tests from our end to make sure that the website works properly. Note that we are unable to test every single aspect, so if you see any issues with the site following the migration service, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team. Please be very specific as to how we can re-create the issue on our end, by providing a detailed step-by-step instruction, attaching a screenshot or an actual video of the occurrence.

Full cPanel migration 

If the service provider we are transferring the website from is using cPanel, then we can proceed with this type of transfer. It is much-preferred over its manual transfer analog. Why is this transfer so sought-after? The backup represents a complete snapshot of your data on the current hosting account. It guarantees that when we restore it your web hosting package, ALL of the information is going to be restored. This transfer includes email accounts, FTP accounts, sub-domains, addon domains, aliases, redirects, and all sorts of data you have stored there. Here is what we need to initiate it:

  • We need your current hosting provider's login URL and credentials or your cPanel URL and credentials.

One important caveat here. If we are unable to generate a full backup of your cPanel account, we would need to resort to the manual migration, although you are using cPanel. Here are a few reasons why this might happen:

  • Your current hosting provider has disabled this feature in the cPanel.
  • Your cPanel account is too big (usually above 30GB), and your plan may not have enough available disk space.
  • The cPanel backup generation takes too long and eventually times out, or the created archive gets corrupted during the generation process. 

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