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Will switching to HostArmada affect my Google rankings?

Higher ranking in various search engines (especially Google) is highly sought after by every website owner. It guarantees that their websites will appear in the user's browser when they search for the content they offer, enabling them to monetize the traffic and grow their business even further. It is imperative for people who are switching hosting providers that their rankings remain the same or even raise, and they will often approach web hosting providers with the question - Will moving my sites to HostArmada affect my rankings negatively?

The truth is that it could indeed affect it negatively, however, not the point where your entire online reputation is thrown out of the window unless it is performed poorly. When switching hosts, you need to make sure that the process is done properly, and does not cause any downtime or data loss in the process. 

What exactly determines the rank my website has in search engines?

Below, we will list the most impactful reasons, establishing website ranking in Google. These are relevant for other search engines as well:

  • Google's algorithm usually sorts the content by relevance. This means that the geolocation of the server hosting your website DOES matter. So when transferring to a new host, you need to make sure that the location does not change. For instance, if the server is located in US Dallas, you need to make sure that the new server is also there. We at HostArmada recognize this fact, and we provide our clients with nine datacenter options worldwide, allowing them to position their website strategically near their targeted audience.
  • The speed of your website affects your search engine ranking. It is no secret that Google and the rest of the search engines out there will rank your site higher if it is faster. The logic is simple - the faster your website loads, the more time users will spend on it, as the content will open faster and keep their attention for a longer time. Having a slow website is tedious to visitors and highly increases your bounce rate negatively influencing your rankings. The speed of your site is something you will never have to worry about with HostArmada as our servers are explicitly tailored to enhance website loading speed. You may read the performance benefits of having your site hosted with us here
  • Website downtime could harm your site's rankings. You need to make sure you are using a hosting provider able to provide AT LEAST 99.9% uptime guarantee per year, or you might see your rankings plummet. Uptime is perhaps the most critical aspect of a server, and we at HostArmada are committed to securing it for our customers.
  • Original and authentic content is something Google and other search engines value a lot. You need to make sure that the material you add to your website is appropriately written, structured, and does not copy articles, posts, or products from other websites. Google will penalize duplicate content, harming your website's reputation, which will require a lot of time to recover.

Can HostArmada guarantee that they will transfer my website correctly, without affecting my site's rankings?

Absolutely. Our team of experienced, professional support members has moved thousands of websites throughout the 10+ years of experience in the field. Not only will the migration be performed seamlessly, but it will include NO data loss and NO downtime. Extensive tests are done upon moving every site, and we provide you with methods of viewing them so you can test before pointing them to our nameservers.

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