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Masteriyo LMS is a sophisticated WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) plugin for modern LMS and eLearning websites. It lets you easily create interactive courses, sell them, and provide assignments, certifications, and more. Masteriyo has everything to create a full-fledged LMS website.

Masteriyo LMS is a user-friendly and power-packed LMS solution for everyone who creates dynamic online education and eLearning websites. Powered by React JS, the plugin is designed to offer a smooth course-building experience like never before.

Besides allowing you to add lessons, quizzes, and assignments easily, the plugin also supports multimedia content (Videos, audio, pdfs, etc.).

Additionally, it has built-in eCommerce functionality, distraction-free learning pages, a dynamic course progressive bar, and other amazing features.

Further, the unique features like a single course building interface, superfast backend, and question and answer in learning page are also worth considering. Thus, all these features make Masteriyo LMS one of the best WordPress LMS solutions.

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