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• Last Updated: 04/08/2020
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How to edit the Text Labels in X-Cart


In X-Cart, almost all pieces of text you see on your storefront are customizable. For example, the "My Account" link at the top of every page, the "Your shopping cart - 1 item" label, which appears under your customers' shopping carts, etc. Their values are held in the so-called "Text Labels".

To better understand what exactly we are referring to, please find the following screenshot example where all the Text Label are highlighted in yellow.


Text Labels


You can review the Text Labels on any given page on your store. To achieve that, please access your storefront while logged in your Admin Account. Make sure you are located under the intended page and use the "Label editor" tool at the very bottom of the page. Also, please ensure that the "Highlight labels" option is set to "ON".

There are two methods for changing the Text Lable values. In this tutorial, we are going to introduce both of them so that you can choose the most convenient one.


First method: Within the Storefront

Unquestionably, this is the easiest and straightforward method.

For a start, highlight the Text Label on the intended page following the previously mentioned instructions.

Afterward, all you have to do is click on the Text Label you aim to change, enter the desired value into the pop-up window and click on the "Save" button.


Edit Text Label


When this is done, please check the Text Label to ensure the change was successfully applied. Once you confirm it had changed, you are all set!


Second method: Within the Backend

In some occasions, you have to edit more than one Text Label to achieve the intended result. In such cases, this method might be more appropriate compared to the previous one, considering the fact you get to edit them all at once.

To do so, you have to log in to your X-Cart Admin Area and navigate through the left-hand side menu bar to Store setup Translations.

When there, please make sure to switch to the second "Edit labels" tab.


Accessing the Text Label section


Please note that in case you have multiple languages configured in your store, they are going to be displayed at the top of the page. You have to select the language in which you would like to edit the Text Label.

You have to use the search tool to locate the intended Text Label. Please note that the search is case sensitive. Therefore, pay attention to the capitalization while you are entering the phrase. Afterward, please hit the "Search" button, and the results are going to be listed right below.

Please bear in mind that if no results are presented, you either did not enter the phrase correctly or you are searching the wrong language. Also, note that if none of the results matches your search, this might be due to the fact the Text Label does not match the exact phrase configured within in. Therefore, please click on the Text Labels to review their actual phrases.

When the results are presented, please find the Text Label(s) you want to change, click on their names, and enter the desired value in the textbox beneath. When done, please click on the "Save changes" button.


Edit Text Label


As you can see in our example, we need to edit two Text Labels as the first one is intended for Shopping Carts containing a single item, whereas the second one is for multiple items.

Also, please pay close attention to the phrases in curly brackets ({}), they are variables and represent dynamic values. It is NOT recommended to change them as you might interfere with their functionality unless you have a good knowledge of how they work and being configured. 


With that said, you already know all the details in the process of customizing the Text Label in your X-Cart Online Store. We hope this new skill is going to come in handy in the customization and personalization of your website. If you have experienced any difficulties or our instructions were not clear enough to catch up with, please contact our Support Team for further guidance.



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