Learn cPanel

Controlling your Web Hosting Account has never been that easy thanks to cPanel web Control Panel!


cPanel is an industry-leading Linux-based web hosting control panel. The intuitive and user-friendly interface and the rich features set integrated into cPanel are carefully designed to simplify the process of hosting and managing websites. It grants the convenience and flexibility to manage all aspects of a website directly through a web browser eliminating the need of using third-party software.

cPanel combines a wide range of key features crucial for website management, including various monitoring tools concerning key metrics of the website resource usage and the server's performance. It allows direct file, database, domains, web application, security, FTP accounts, and email management.

Due to its versatility and the maximum efficiency it grants, it is not a surprise that cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel for over 20 years. Trusted worldwide and well-known by users, cPanel had proven its advantages over other control panels!

Categories of cPanel Tutorials

• General Information

In this category, you will find tutorials and guides aiming to provide you with general information about topics related to the cPanel service.

• Security

In this section, we will review the Security related features of cPanel. By using these you will learn how to secure the connectivity to your website and also how to find malicious files hosted on the same.

• Advanced

In this category, we will introduce some of the advanced features we have included in cPanel. You will learn how to manage the web cache for your website and also how to use tools such as Web Terminal and Cron Jobs.

• JetBackup

JetBackup is a module integrated into cPanel, which allows you to easily manage your backups. In this section, you will find guides and tutorials covering the process of generating, restoring, and maintaining your hosting account backups.

• HostArmada Features

In this category, you will find useful information about the in-house developed services by HostArmada allowing clients better control of their hosting package.

• Jet Backup 5

JetBackup 5 is an updated version of the JetBackup module integrated into the cPanel service for all our Shared Hosting Services. The new version of the module features improvements in the user interface, restoration speed, and the support of new backup types like DNS zones and SSL certificates.