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• Last Updated: 01/20/2020
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How to access the cPanel service?

cPanel is one of the most used control panels for managing Web Hosting Services. Using cPanel you will be able to configure and utilize nearly every aspect of the services that we offer in a pretty straightforward fashion. In our cPanel tutorial series, we will review nearly every feature and configuration cPanel has to offer so you can be fully aware of how to use the panel with no difficulties. 

Let's begin by reviewing the common options of accessing the cPanel service. Although the cPanel and its features are nearly identical on the different Web Hosting Plans that we offer, the way how the service is accessed is different. Therefore, in the next lines of this tutorial, we will provide general guidelines on how to access the cPanel service on our Cloud-based Shared Hosting and VPS services as well as our SSD Based Bare Metal Dedicated Servers. 


Accessing cPanel on HostArmada Shared Hosting Plans 

If you own a Shared Web Hosting plan with HostArmada, accessing the cPanel service for it is quite an easy task to achieve. Actually, there are a few ways you can consider to achieve this task. 

First, let's see how to access cPanel using the Client Area which you should have received access to when you signed up for a service with us. Of course, you will need to access the Client area by logging in before you can move forward.

Now that you are logged in, you should be located on the "Dashboard" page where you will find a few sections containing different information about your services with HostArmada. Out of all these, please locate the "YOUR SERVICES WITH HOSTARMADA" section. In it, you should see all the Web Hosting Services that you have with us. These can vary from one up to as many as you need. For each service, you will be provided with some General Information including the name of the server, the status of service, the type of the service, the domain associated with this service, the billing cycle for the service, the next due date for the service and finally a row of useful links. Out of all these, you should click on the small "cP" icon. 


Access cPanel from HostArmada Client Area


This icon will immediately redirect you to the cPanel for your Web Hosting account without the need of you filling in any login details. Pretty convenient, isn't it? 

Another way of finding a list of your services with HostArmada would be to click on the "My Services" menu link which will redirect you to a whole new page dedicated to all of your services with HostArmada.


Accessing the My Services section


Please note that the services on that new page will be listed in a similar fashion to the "YOUR SERVICES WITH HOSTARMADA" section available on the "Dashboard" page of your Client Area. Therefore, once again please click on the small "cP" icon on the product you would like to access the cPanel service for. 


Another possible way of accessing the cPanel service for Shared Hosting users is by using the provided information in the welcome email you should have received when signing up for services with HostArmada. If you cannot find that email in your Inbox, please click on the small mail like icon in the top right corner of your Client Area, and from the "Email History" drop-down, please select the "View All" option so you can view all the emails associated with your web hosting account.


View All Emails


This action will redirect you to another page with a complete list of all the emails associated with your Client Area with us. Please locate the email with a subject similar to " [HostArmada] New Account Information". In it, you will find important information related to the purchased service with us. Please look for the "Login Details for ..... (service name)" section. There you will find your cPanel login information as well as links you can use to access the cPanel service.


Accessing the cPanel service for HostArmada Cloud SSD VPS and Dedicated Servers services

Our Cloud SSD VPS and our Dedicated Server services offer more control and stability to our customers. Therefore, accessing the cPanel service for these products is quite different than our Shared Hosting plans. Since the infrastructure for these services is set up when they are purchased, integrating these services with our client area is not possible. 

On each Cloud SSD VPS or Dedicated Server service, you can manage multiple cPanel accounts thanks to the fact, that they support WHM control panel access. Although WHM is a product of cPanel, it is relatively different to operate with. For that reason, we have created our WHM tutorial series so our customers can get familiar with all the tools WHM has to offer. So, in short, to access the cPanel service for any of the cPanel accounts hosted on your VPS or Dedicated server you will need access to the WHM service of the server. To access the WHM service, you will need to once again login into your Client Area with HostArmada. Then, please click once again on the "My Services" link located in the main navigation menu. You will be presented once again with a complete list of all the services that you have with HostArmada. Out of all these, please find the VPS or Dedicated Server service which you would like to access and use the small "WHM" icon located at the bottom of the service block.


Login into the WHM service


This link will redirect you to the login page for the WHM service for your VPS or Dedicated Server with HostArmada. The login details that you will need to use are provided in the welcome email for the service which you should have received when purchasing this product. Additionally, our Technical Support Crew will send you the login information once the service is set up into the setup ticket that we will open to track the setup and deploying processes for your brand new server with HostArmada. So basically, you need to find the root user password in order to login to the WHM service. 


Login to the WHM service


Once you have accessed the WHM service, from the left vertical menu search for the option "List Accounts". This will list all the cPanel accounts that you have created on your VPS service or your Dedicated Server.


List accounts in WHM


The accounts will be displayed in a table view where each row will be a separate account. For each account, you will have an orange "cP" icon which after you click you will be redirected and logged in to the cPanel service for that particular cPanel account. 



Of course, if you have the login details for the cPanel account on file you can always use the direct cPanel login URL which you can build using the IP address of your VPS or Dedicated Server. To find the IP address of your server, you can once again access the "My Services" section in the Client Area with HostArmada and from there you will be able to see the IP address for the VPS or Dedicated Server service that you would like to access. 


The IP Address or the Hostname of VPS or dedicated Server


Please bear in mind that you can also use the hostname of the server. So once you have that information you can simply type it in your Web Browser and add the cPanel port at the end. For example, if the IP address of your server is, you should type in your Web Browser or the secured connection . This will show the cPanel login page where if you type the cPanel username and password you will be logged in. 


That's it! You are now well aware of how to access the cPanel service for all the services HostArmada has to offer. Of course, if you are facing difficulties or this guide is not detailed enough, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket to your Technical Support Crew and they will provide you with all the information you will need to access the cPanel service for your web hosting account with HostArmada. 

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