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Dogs of War eSports is an eSports community that is represented nationally and internationally. Its objective is competitive, but its characteristic is the monitoring of new athletes, promoting their integration into the various game modalities, as well as educational guidelines, personal and professional organization.

The Dogs of War are a group of friends who have a lot in common. We love electronic games, MMORPG, and especially FPS (first-person shooter) games.
Here you will be able to play games of realism, survival, MMORPG, or simply action.

We try our best to play all the same games so we can create a good bond and family.
In this clan, you will find a huge variety of people with different temperaments, but we do not abdicate our principles which are camaraderie, respect, commitment, organization, and stability.
In games, what we ask of you is to be true Dogs of War but always respect your opponents.

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If your company has a product or service that fits with our ideology and with our services, please do not hesitate to reach us out. Our partnership program brings a tons of benefits for you and your business. Are you ready to take this mission with an Armada behind your back?

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