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What is Keep-Alive and how can I enable it for my website?

Your website is built from various files, and each time someone visits it, the web server will open a TCP connection so it can deliver the files to the visitor’s web browser. A typical web server will close an HTTP connection immediately after it has served its purpose and dispatched the piece of content to the browser. If a site has a lot of data on its index page, the process of delivering content will take longer as each piece of content requires the following steps to be delivered to the visitor's browser:  

  • First request - OPEN CONNECTION > DELIVER CONTENT > CLOSE CONNECTION; Second request - OPEN CONNECTION > DELIVER CONTENT > CLOSE CONNECTION; repeat until everything is delivered.

Keep-Alive is a feature of the web server that enables HTTP request forking through a single TCP connection. This means that instead of opening a new stream for each request, the webserver will slip them through a single one, dramatically increasing the delivery time and improving the loading speed of the website. Here is how the delivery process will work with Keep-Alive on:

  • First request - OPEN CONNECTION > DELIVER CONTENT> Second request > DELIVER CONTENT > Third request > DELIVER CONTENT; repeat until everything is delivered.

Luckily for you, Keep-Alive is enabled by default on all HostArmada plans, and your website will immediately take advantage of this excellent feature when it is hosted here.

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