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Linode is a United States-based cloud service provider that offers Linux virtual machines able to run a variety of applications.

Linode is a world-renowned corporation serving nearly a million customers spread through almost 200 countries.

Linode has 11 data center locations across the world. Each of them is optimized for serving a global user base by reducing the latency and making the user experience better. Linode’s servers come with IPv6 enabled on all OS as well as DDoS protection at no additional cost.

The solutions that Linode provides are tailored to the need of the customer to the point that each customer can choose a higher memory option, dedicated CPU, or a standardized server. Services like Linode’s Block storage allow users to get additional service storage capacity whenever needed. Their solutions also include backups that allow the customer to back their content conveniently in different time frames like daily, weekly or monthly. Linode even provides users with an option to manage multiple server instances through one system.

Linode received many awards. Some of them are the Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service, the Top Workplaces honor by The Philadelphia Inquirer, the 2019 Grand Jury Award from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, and many others.

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