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• Last Updated: 05/08/2020
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How to troubleshoot the "No pages are found on the rootlevel!" error after initial TYPO3 installation


If you attempt to access your TYPO3 website frontend after initial installation, you might end up with an "Oops, an error occurred!" error message. This error is encountered based on the more specific "No pages are found on the rootlevel!" error, which can be confirmed within your TYPO3 Backend. Do not get frustrated. There is nothing wrong with your installation. Generally, this error indicates the installation is missing a TYPO3 Distribution package. This is intentionally done to provide the opportunity of building your website from scratch.

You can think of а Distribution as a demo or sample data. Its primary purpose is to include some key components to your TYPO3 website, such as sample pages, content elements, and some handy extensions.

In the following lines, we are going to show you how to install the desired Distribution package within a few mouse clicks and get your new TYPO3 website polished and ready for the curious eyes.


Getting Started

For a start, you have to log in to your TYPO3 Administrative Area, also referred to as the Backend. To do so, please add "/typo3" after your domain name, i.e., "yourdomain.com/typo3" where "yourdomain.com" stands for your own domain name.

Once you are in, please navigate through the left sidebar to ADMIN TOOLS Extensions.


Access Extensions


As the name suggests, this is the section where you can manage all the available extensions and install new ones.


Installing Distribution Package

At the very top of the "Extensions" page, you can see a dropdown menu. Please list the options and select "Get preconfigured distribution".


Select Get preconfigured distribution


Upon doing that, you are presented with all available distributions applicable to your TYPO3 version.

All left to be done is to select the desired Distribution package and click on the corresponding "Install" button.


Install Official Introduction Package


As you can see from the screenshot above, we have select "The official Introduction Package", which includes all default TYPO3 extensions, a Bootstrap-based theme, and some other nice features. You can explore what each package includes by clicking on the corresponding "Show Details" button. We would like to encourage you to do that and ensure the package is relevant to the specific needs of your project.

As soon as you click on the "Install" button, an orange progress bar appears at the top of the page, which indicates the state of the process.

Within a few moments, the package is installed, and you are prompted with a message indicating the installation was performed successfully.


Distribution Installed Successfully


Now, it is time to feed our curiosity by checking the result on the frontend.


Error Resolved


And there it is our TYPO3 website fully responsive and looking great.

At this point, you are all set to start customizing your website. Put your creativity in work and develop something sterling. We hope the information in this tutorial saved you a lot of nerves and headache. In case you are still experiencing some difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Staff by submitting a ticket request from your HostArmada Client Area.



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