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• Last Updated: 03/24/2020
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How to Activate and Deactivate Addons (Modules) in X-Cart


In X-Cart, the management of Addons (Modules) is relocated under a separated environment, referred to as the "X-Cart Service Screen". This is done with consideration to the website security and stability during all Addon manipulations.

You already know how to install Addons in X-Cart. Once the Addons' functionalities are integrated, their further management does not extend further than activating, deactivating, and deleting them.

In this tutorial, we are going to step-by-step guide you on each of the tasks mentioned above.


Activating Addons

For a start, please log in to your X-Cart Admin Area and click on the "My addons" link positioned in the left-hand side menu bar.


Accessing My Addons


Upon clicking on the link, you are going to be redirected to the X-Cart Service Screen ("My Addons" section), where you can see a list of all addons currently installed in your store.

The status of the corresponding toggle switch button ("On"/"Off") of each Addon indicates whether it is enabled or disabled.

To activate a particular Addon, all you have to do is to click on the above-mentioned button.


Activating an Addon


When the toggle switch is set to "On", please click on the "Apply changes" button positioned in the left menu bar.

Note that you can activate/deactivate multiple Addons at a time. Just make the desired changes on all of them and afterward hit the "Apply changes" button.


Apply Changes


Once this is done, your store needs to be re-deployed. Please allow a few moments for the process to be completed. When ready, an "All done!" message is displayed, indicating the process was successfully performed.


Addon Successfully Activated screen


With this done, the Addon(s) have been successfully activated.


Deactivating Addons

The process of deactivating Addons is the same. You have to locate the Addon(s) you need to deactivate, set the toggle switch to "Off" and click on the "Apply changes" button.


Deactivating an Addon


When the re-deployment process is completed, you are going to be again promoted with the very same "All done!" screen, as shown in the previous example.


Uninstalling Addons

In case you want to remove an Addon from your X-Cart installation completely, you have to uninstall it.

To do that, please locate the Addon in question and click on the corresponding trashcan icon. Afterward, you have to confirm the deletion by clicking on the "Apply changes" button.


Uninstalling Addons


As usual, your website should be re-deployed. When the process is completed, you are prompted with the "All done!" message.

With attention to improving your overall website performance, it is strongly recommended to uninstall all Addons you are no longer using.

All done! At this point, you know every single aspect of your Addons maintenance. We hope this information was useful and you were able to complete each task with ease. In case you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.


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