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What are the security benefits when using HostArmada?

We at HostArmada try to keep all aspects of our server in top condition, without undermining any service at the expense of another one. Security is a pretty sensitive topic amongst the internet community and it is arguably the most important one. This is the reason why we have put extra effort into implementing security protocols and services that will ensure the well-being of our clients and their projects. In this article, we will talk about all the security implementations we have on all our hosting solutions and it should give you a great idea of what you should be looking to get once you sign up.

What all our plans share in terms of security

  • Regular service updates and patches for the system and its services to ensure they are protected against the latest known exploits.
  • mod_security2 Apache module which aims to prevent malicious attacks on the server.
  • CPHulk BruteForce protection service so that all your cPanel-related login forms can be protected.
  • IP-based firewall, constantly monitoring the IP addresses accessing the server and tracking them for malicious activity. This service integrates itself perfectly with mod_security turning into a pretty effective WAF (Web-Application FireWall).
  • All our servers are fully compatible with Cloudflare which has amazing security benefits such as DDOS and bot protection.
  • A completely free Linux server antivirus that can be run by you or our technical support team to detect and remove malicious files and scripts.
  • A reliable backup solution, carefully predefined and configured to create copies of your projects to guarantee the ability of restoration should your websites become infected beyond salvaging.
  • Completely free application/plugin/theme update handled by our technical support team with over 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry.
  • Free SSL certificates for all of the domains on the server, provided by cPanel’s AutoSSL vendor Sectigo.
  • suEXEC is an Apache module that enables PHP and CGI scripts on the server to run with the user’s username and not the apache “nobody”. This protects the users on the server from any potential user there looking to cause mischief. 

Security Benefits of our Start Dock and Web Warp Hosting Plans

In addition to the above-listed benefits, our Start Dock and Web Warp hosting solutions also include:

  • Account Isolation to make sure each user is independent of the rest of the users on the server and cannot spread an infection if such occurs.
  • CageFS splits the environment into “smaller” user-specific hosting environments. This makes it completely unable for other users to view, open, or execute files that do not belong to them.
  • An advanced WAF with Machine-Learning Ruleset which updates itself on a regular basis against all known and up-to-date exploits. This Firewall service will protect the server and your websites from DDoS attacks, Brute-Force attacks, and aggressive port scan scripts.
  • We use an advanced Google invisible captcha system as it reduces false positives results significantly and improves usability for blocked visitors while making it harder for non-human user agents to bypass.
  • One-of-a-kind IPS/IDS systems that allow the collection of negation policies and proactively blocks known attacks while logging them adequately allowing our system administrators to closely examine each situation.
  • Additional custom-tailored mod_security2 rules further thicken out the security layer of the server.

Security Benefits of our Speed Reaper Hosting Plan

In addition to the benefits from the “What all ours share in terms of security” and the benefits listed under the “Security Benefits of our Start Dock and Web Warp Hosting Plans” our Speed Reaper Hosting Plan includes:

  • Bandwidth and Connection control which keeps careful watch of every IP connection. If it detects too many requests streamed from this IP it will automatically throttle it to prevent your server from being overrun.
  • HTTP header checks to decode requests aimed to access hidden files. In addition to that, it checks the Lenght parameters of the header and prevents potential DDOS attacks.
  • Buffer-overrun monitoring aimed at preventing the so-called “buffer overflow” exploit which can quickly allocate the entire memory on the server.
  • Brute-Force protection services for WordPress admin URL which will block anyone that makes a couple of failed login attempts
  • In addition to the mentioned mod_security2 rules, implements even more which have been gathered from top names in the Linux server security industry.

Security Benefits of our VPS CLOUD and Dedicated CPU Servers

Our VPS CLOUD and Dedicated CPU servers have all the benefits listed under the “What all our plans share in terms of security” which are all mandatory and we believe are the fundamental security service any Linux server needs. If needed the other benefits under the shared hosting plans can be integrated as well, however, this will increase the monthly cost of your VPS or Dedicated CPU server. To get a quote for that, please contact our sales team which is available 24/7 over the live chat on our website.

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, we take our security really seriously and we try to cover a 360-degree angle. Despite all these security implementations, we cannot guarantee our clients a 100% carefree ticket, as there is no such thing as a completely secured environment. This fact is proven each day as hackers tend to get more and more creative. All we can do is keep everything updated and keep a vigilant watch! We advise our users to also be watchful and try to strengthen the security of their site as much as possible to even further complement the robust security features on our servers!.

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