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• Last Updated: 05/08/2020
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How to change the admin password of your Ghost blogging platform


Knowing how to change your password could be crucial when you have doubts about your admin dashboard being compromised. This is also useful when you want to update the password once every few months for security reasons. In this article, we are going to explain how you can do it using the admin dashboard of your Ghost application. Let’s begin!


Accessing the Password Change Functionality

To access the password change functionality, please log into your Ghost’s admin dashboard. You can do so by entering your domain name followed by /ghost. For example:

  • ghost.hostarmadatutorials.com/ghost


Login page


After logging in, please select the “Your Profile” option from the left sidebar.


Access Your Profile


When selected, you will be directed to a screen, allowing you to update everything related to your profile, such as the Name, Email, and other personal information. Please scroll down to the bottom of the screen.


Change Admin Password


You will see three text fields along with a button.

  • Old Password - Please enter your current password inside this text field.
  • New Password - Please enter the new password you would like to use to log into this text field.
  • Verify Password - Please re-type the new password into this text field.
  • Change Password - After the above text fields have been filled, please press this button to make the change.

After clicking the “Change Password” button, it will transform into the “Saved” button, and you will receive a blue notification on the bottom left side of the screen, informing you that the change has been accepted.


Password Updated notice


That’s it! The effortless task of changing the password of your Ghost publishing platform. Hopefully, you were able to perform this change on your own, as it will grant you great control over your blog’s password, which is arguably one of the most sensitive pieces of information.



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