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• Last Updated: 02/14/2020
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How to update Joomla


As a Joomla user, you are probably aware of how important updates are. It is highly recommended, not to say that it is mandatory, always to keep your Joomla application updated to the latest available version. Newer versions are constantly introduced, and the goal is to evolve. They do come with security, functionality, and performance updates. In this tutorial, we will step-by-step guide you on how to safely update your Joomla version.


Getting Started

First and foremost, it is fundamentally important to create a backup copy of your entire website, including all website files and database. This way, you will be safeguarded and prepared for any possible aftereffect. You will be able to restore the website to the current state. Once this is covered, you are ready to move forward.

In the following lines, we will introduce two methods for updating your Joomla version. You are welcome to follow the most convenient way for you.


First Method: Updating via the “One-Click Update” button

This is not only the easiest way to update your Joomla version, but it is also the recommended one. The thoughtful people who developed Joomla were concerned enough to include the so-called “One-Click Update” button, which will allow you to update your Joomla version literally within one click.

For a start, we will need you to log in to your Joomla Admin Dashboard. Whenever an update is available, you will be prompted with a message displayed directly at the top of the home page, indicating there is a newer Joomla version and welcoming you to proceed with the update.


Update Now button


Please click on the “Update Now” button to initiate the process. Afterward, you will be redirected to the “Joomla Update” page. On this page, you will find information indicating your current Joomla version and the latest version you will be upgrading to, the upgrade package URL, and additional information for the new release. From the last “Installation method” dropdown menu, you can select the method of uploading the new core files. We will recommend you to stick with the default “Write files directly” option.


Install the Update button


Time to click on the “Install the Update” button. Afterward, you will need to allow a few moments for the update to be completed. Once done - you will be prompt with a message indicating your Joomla website was successfully updated.


Joomla Successfully Updated screen


All done! Now you can go ahead and confirm the update was successful. Please note that most certainly, you will not be able to see the changes due to browser-side caching. You will need to refresh the page by ignoring the cached content. Depending on the browser you are using this is achieved as it follows:

  • Chrome - Shift + f5
  • Mozilla Firefox - Ctrl + Shift + R
  • Safari - Cmd + Shift + R
  • Internet Explorer - Ctrl +f5

Alternatively, you can always manually clear the cache through the browser settings.


Second Method: Manual Update

Please bear in mind this method could be used only for version prior to Joomla 3.5. For newer releases, you will need to proceed with the “Joomla! Update” component, which we reviewed in the previous section.

This method can be used as a backup plan, in case you are unable to use the automatic update for some reason. For example, if you are using a distribution with a different default language installed or a slow internet connection.

For a start, you will need to download the upgrade package required from the official Joomla website. Once you access the page, please click on the “Upgrade Packages” button.


Update Package button


Afterward, you will be redirected to a new page containing the available upgrade packages in different archive file formats (.zip, .tag.gz, and tar.bz2). Joomla allows you to upload the package from your local computer, to upload the package from your web hosting account, or to directly provide the upgrade package URL. Therefore, you can either download the package or simply copy the upgrade package URL address. In each case, please ensure that you are located under the “Update Existing Joomla! Installations” section, also note that each package is intended for a specific Joomla version; therefore, you will need to find the archive file for your current version.


Downloading Update package


Once you have the upgrade package archive or you have copied the URL address, please log in to your Joomla Admin Dashboard and navigate through the top menu bar to Extensions > Manage > Install.

On the “Install” page, you will see the three options, we have previously mentioned, split into three separated tabs:

  • Upload Package File - In case you wish to upload the archive file directly from your local computer. This method is relatively simple; however, it is not recommended in case your Intenet connection is slow.


Upload Package File option


  • Install from Folder - In case you have uploaded the archive files to a temporary folder under your web hosting account. Note that it is required for the folder to be publically accessible to the Web. You will need to either extract the archive on your local computer or directly on your hosting account and specify the full path to the directory under which the files are located. It is recommended to use this method only if you are sure the server connection is fast and stable.


Install from Folder option


  • Install from URL - In case you would like to provide the archive file URL. This is the easiest and fastest way - the archive file is directly loaded from Joomla’s official repository. This will be the method we will use for the purpose of our tutorial.


Install from URL option


Within a few moments, the update process should be completed, and your website successfully upgraded.

Well done! You have just learned how to update your Joomla website and keep everything neat and up to date. We hope you have managed to easily complete this task following our guidance. In case you have run into some difficulties, please make sure to submit a ticket required to our Technical Support Department for further review and resolution.

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