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• Last Updated: 07/13/2020
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How to install the LiteSpeed Cache extension in OpenCart 3


Unlike other caching extensions, the OpenCart LiteSpeed cache extension offers caching for logged-in users and also enables cache for carts and items inside. It has quite a complex internal system, and through the intuitive backend dashboard, you can configure it to purge separate cache types, based on particular situations. ESI (Edge-Side-Includes) technology can serve as a scissor allowing you to crop custom publically cached content and serve it to both logged-in and logged-out users. In this tutorial, we are going to explore the way to install and enable this awesome extension. The installation process is completely analogical for OpenCart 2.3 and OpenCart 3. Whichever version you utilize, there will have no issue installing it by following the instructions in this tutorial. Let’s begin!


Getting Started

The prerequisite to start the installation is to have an active OpenCart 2.3 or OpenCart 3.0 website and access its administrative area. To open up the login form of your admin dashboard, simply enter “domain.com/admin“ into the URL bar of your browser and replace “domain.com” with your actual domain name.


OpenCart Admin Area Login page


Please enter your login credentials into the “Username and “Password fields and press the “Login” button.


Installing the LiteSpeed Cache Extension

If you are already using another caching extension, such as the Nitro Cache, you need to disable the page cache aspect in order to benefit from LiteSpeed. You may leave the JS/CSS combine/minify options enabled if you want to take advantage of them.

When this is done, please download the extension corresponding to your OpenCart version. After doing so, please open the browser tab where your administrative area is and navigate to the “Extensions” drop-down, located on the left module menu. This will reveal additional options, and the one you need to click is “Installer”.


Access OpenCart Extension Installer


Once you click on the “Installer” option, you will be redirected to the page where you can install the extension. There, you will see a blue “Upload” button. Clicking on it will open a popup window, allowing you to select the zip file you downloaded earlier.


Upload OpenCart LiteSpeed Cache extension archive


When you select the zip file, the progress bar under the “Install Progress” section will start filling up. When the process is completed, it will become green, and you will see a success message underneath.


OpenCart LiteSpeed Cache extension installation completed


Finally, you need to “install” the extension. To do so, please expand the “Extensions” dropdown in the left module menu and select the “Extensions” option.

On the new page, you will notice the “Choose the extension type” dropdown menu. Please expand it and select the “Modules” option from the list.


OpenCart List of modules


This will generate a table section underneath. Look for the “LiteSpeed Cache” option, and on the far right side of it, you will notice a plus (+) button.


OpenCart LiteSpeed Module Extension


Please click on the plus (+) button to begin the installation process. You will trigger a momentaneous loading period, and the plus (+) button will be transformed into a minus (-) button, which should be the indication to confirm the installation is complete.

At this point, the extension is installed, and you should notice a speed increase on your website! Be sure to check our other tutorial in this series, which goes over all the configuration options for the extension!


If you are unable to complete the installation on your own, please, feel free to contact our Technical Support team over the ticking system in your Client Area. They will be happy to assist you.



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