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• Last Updated: 03/27/2020
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How to create Volume Discounts in X-Cart


In X-Cart, you can configure fixed or percentage-based discounts using the Volume Discount feature. Volume Discounts do NOT require a discount code to be entered. They are automatically applied to orders meeting initially defined conditions. In particular, you can configure a Volume Discounts appliable to orders that match a minimum subtotal amount or for orders submitted by customers from a particular membership group. You can also set the discounts as a combination of the above-mentioned criteria.

In the following lines, we are going to guide you on how to create Volume Discounts and configure their conditions.


Accessing the Volume Discounts section

First off, please log in to your X-Cart Admin Area and navigate through the left-hand side menu bar to Discounts Volume discounts.


Accessing the Volume Discount section


Please note that the Volume Discounts feature is empowered by the Volume Discounts Addon. In case the Addon is not installed or disabled, you cannot configure your discounts. In such a scenario, please refer to our tutorial on How to install Addons (Modules) in X-Cart.


Creating Volume Discounts

Creating a Volume Discount is an effortless task. First, please click on the "Add discount" button. Upon doing that a new row appears where you need to specify the discount conditions:

  • Subtotal - In this field, you have to specify the minimum required order amount, if any. Pretend that you have entered the amount of $80, the discount code is going to be applied to orders with subtotal equal to or above this amount.
  • Discount - From this dropdown menu, you have to select whether the discount to be flat ($) or percentage-based (%). Once determined, you need to define the actual discount value.
  • Membership - Depending on whether you want the discount to be available to all your customers or only a specific customer group, you have to select the desired option from the dropdown menu. If you are not yet familiar with the Memberships concept in X-Cart, please take a look at our tutorial on How to create and manage User Memberships in X-Cart.


Crating a Volume Discount


When ready, please click on the "Save changes" button, and your very first Volume Discount is going to be created.

Whenever an order meets the conditions required for the Volume Discount to be applied, it is displayed to customers in their Shopping Carts.


Discount Applied


If the order subtotal is below the required subtotal minimum, a message is going to be displayed to customers informing them about the discount conditions. The general idea is to stimulate customers to purchase more items and consequently increase your sales.


Discount Message


Note that, in case the discount is configured for a specific Membership Level, the above message is going to be displayed only to member customers.

With this said and done, you have just learned how to manage customers' favorite aspects of shopping. We hope the topic discussed in this tutorial was helpful to you. In case you have any additional questions in regards to X-Cart, feel free to contact our Support Team.



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