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• Last Updated: 04/24/2020
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How to customize the Footer Links in Una Social Network


After the initial Una installation, there are a few links that appear in the footer of your website pages. To be more specific, we are referring to the "About", "Terms", "Privacy",  "Design", "Copyright", and "Powered by Una" links.


Footer Links


The first three "About", "Terms", and "Privacy" links represent individual pages that are generally included in all standard websites, so you might want to keep them. However, these pages are currently completely blank and waiting for your details.

The "Design" link presents two different template layouts to choose from- light and darks.

The "Copyright" notice presents a pop-up upon clicking on it.

The last "Powered by Una" link redirects to Una's official website una.io.

We do believe that you would most definitely want to edit them if not to remove them altogether. In the following lines, we are going to show you how.


Editing Footer Menu Items

First, we are going to guide you on how to control the items that appear in the footer menu.

Please log in to your Una Studio and access the "Navigation" App.


Access Navigation Builder


Under the Navigation Builder, please navigate to the "Items" tab. Once there, please select the "System" module and the "Footer" menu from the top dropdown menus.

You can control the order in which the menu items appear in the footer menu by clicking on the triple bars icon and dragging them to the desired position.

In case you want to remove a given item, you have to simply click on the corresponding toggle switch.


Footer menu items


In case you would like to customize a given menu item, please click on the pencil icon. For example, we want to change the "Terms" link to display as "Terms of Service".

To achieve that, the "Title" of the menu item needs to be changed. You can also edit the destination URL address, the "OnClick" JavaScript function, the target of the link, and the rest of the menu items aspects.


Edit Menu Item Title


When you perform the desired changes, please do not forget to click on the "Save" button to apply them.


Customizing Footer Menu Items

As we previously pointed, the first three menu links represent individual pages intended for specific website information. Editing the content of the pages is no different than editing the content of any other page on your Una website. Just navigate to Pages System, locate the desired page, and add the necessary content blocks to it. Further instructions on this topic you can find in our tutorial on How to create new Pages in Una Social Network.

The "Design" and "Copyright" links, on the other hand, perform OnClick functions defined within the menu item's settings we reviewed in the previous section. In this section, we are going to show you how to customize the result presented.

Please go back to the home page of your Una Studio and navigate to Polyglot Keys. Once there, enter "_copyright" into the search field to locate the "Copyright" key. Afterward, please click on the pencil icon to edit it.


Edit Copyright Key


In our example, we simply want to include our company name, so when the link is clicked, it gets displayed in the pop-up. The "{0}" represents the year, so we would like to keep it as it is. Upon saving the key, the modifications are applied.

Now that all desired changes are applied, it is time to check the result.


Custom Links


And there we are! We are pleased with the result. Hopefully, you are too.


To sum up, in this tutorial, you learned how to edit the footer link titles, how to customize their content, and how to remove unneeded menu items. We hope this tutorial was useful to you, and you have managed to achieve the intended result. Do not miss out on the rest of our tutorials based on Una.



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