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Una is a successor to the famous Boonex Dolphin application for creating free Social Network!

• Last Updated: 04/16/2020
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Una Social Network Studio (Admin Dashboard) Overview


Now that you have completed the installation of Una and you have your social network site up and running the natural second step is to get familiar with its Admin Dashboard. In Una, the administrative area is called "Studio".

The Studio is where you are going to be configuring, maintaining, developing, and customizing your website. You can manage your Apps, languages, membership levels, and permissions, to name a few. Therefore, knowing how to operate with it hassle-free is quite essential when it comes to effective management.

As you have probably guessed, this is going to be the main focus of our tutorial - we will get an in-depth look at the Studio area essentials to ensure you able to easily navigate through it and get the most of it!


Accessing the Una Studio

To access your Una Studio, you need to include a "/studio" suffix after your domain name, i.e., "yourdomain.com/studio" where "yourdomain.com" stands for your own domain name. Therefore please make sure to replace it.

Upon entering the URL address mentioned above, you are presented with the Studio Login page, which looks as shown in the following screenshot example.


Studio Login page


All you have to do is enter your Una admin email address and password you have specified during the installation process and click on the "Enter" button.


Studio Overview

The Home Page lists all currently enabled Apps on your website. In Una, "Apps" is the general term used for modules, system tools, integration tools, templates, and languages.

The Apps are arranged into groups represented by a specific color:

  • Red - The Red Apps are your System Tools.
  • Blue - The Blue Apps are your Configuration Builders
  • Green - The Green Apps are your Content Management modules.
  • White - The White Apps represent your Templates.
  • Orange - The Orange Apps are your Profile Modules.


Studio Apps Overview


Let's briefly explain each of the Apps available by default so you can get a better idea.

  • Dashboard - Here, you can find your Una version, cache, and usage statistics.
  • Apps Market - From here, you can download and install any required Apps.
  • Settings - Here, you can find your website's general settings.
  • Polyglot - This Addon allows you to control your website language(s), date format, email templates, and texts.
  • Designer - The general customizations of your websites are performed from here. You can change your template, logo, icon, cover image, etc.
  • Pages - The Pages Builder is where you can manage all pages on your website. It allows you to edit and rearrange the existing page and create new ones.
  • Navigation - In this Builder, you control your website navigation menus. You can customize the menus, edit and rearrange the items displayed in them.
  • Forms - The Forms Builder is where you can structure your database and forms.
  • Permissions - In the Permissions Builder, you can manage and create Membership levels and assign access permissions to them.
  • Badges - The Badges Builder allows you to create your custom user badges.
  • EN - This App represents the default language selected during the installation.
  • Protean - This App represents the default Una template.
  • Persons - This App allows you to control and modify your user profiles.
  • Storage - Within this App, you can review all files currently uploaded to your website and upload new files.


You can rearrange your Apps by clicking on the "Manager Launcher" icon at the top right corner of the page. Afterward, you can drag and drop each App to the desired position.


Arrange Studio Apps


The Star icon lists the Apps marked as favorite. This allows you to access the most used Apps easily. To add a given App to favorites, you have first to access it. Afterward, please click on the gear icon at the upper right corner and make sure the toggle switch displays a checkmark.


Add App to Favorites


This is all there is to know concerning the workaround within the Una Studio. We hope it is all clear now, and you know how to navigate through it efficiently. Of course, this was just an overview to get you familiar with the interface, and you can find detailed instructions on how to make the most of these features in the following tutorials in this category. As usual, we would like to thank you for trusting our guidance.




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