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How to transfer my existing SSL Certificate to HostArmada?

An SSL certificate is typically issued for one year. If for example, half-way through you decide to switch hosting providers you can also move the certificate on the new server. 

When you are moving to HostArmada and you have just purchased a package with us, we will transfer over your website for free. However, if the transfer is manual, this does not include the transfer of any SSL certificates.

In that case, the SSL certificate has to be moved manually and we will gladly assist you with that if you request it by submitting a ticket to our Technical Support Team.  

Still, if you feel confident that you can handle the transfer procedure, here the two options you will most likely have:

  • Obtain all three parts of the SSL Certificate  - the Certificate itself (CRT), the Private Key(KEY) and the Certificate Authority bundle (CA bundle). Unless you have them all, you WILL NOT be able to install the third-party certificate on your account with us. You can ask your previous hosting provider to provide you with these.
  • Generate a brand new CSR and provide it to your SSL vendor, requesting a new certificate for your domain. If you are not sure how to do that, please read our article regarding What is a CSR and where can I get it.

Once you have the needed parts of the SSL certificate, you are ready to install it. To achieve that, please follow our guide How to install a third-party SSL Certificate on my Web Hosting Account with HostArmada.

If you are facing any issues with this task and are not sure what you are missing, please feel free to reach our support team by submitting a ticket from your Client Area.

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