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• Last Updated: 05/08/2020
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How to update Ghost on HostArmada using the Ghost-CLI tool


Keeping your application up to date is crucial to its proper functionality and security. Ghost makes no exception in this regard as utilizing the latest version provides you with access to the current performance, security, and stability changes that are released by the Ghost development team. In this tutorial, we are going to go over the procedure of updating your blog using the Ghost-CLI tool. Let’s begin!


Getting Started

To start the process, please connect to your account using SSH and navigate to the directory where Ghost is installed. If you are not aware of how to do that, we have a great knowledge base article explaining the Basic Linux Commands.

We are going to go through the process with you and provide screenshots on every step to avoid confusion. Here is what you are going to see upon logging in through SSH.


Default SSH screen


Now that you have logged in, you are ready to start the process.


Updating Ghost

First, please navigate to the correct directory! In the case of this tutorial, we have Ghost installed at ghost.hostarmadatutorials.com, and the root directory is located inside the home dir of cPanel. Therefore the command we need is:

cd ghost.hostarmadatutorials.com


Now that you have landed in the correct folder let us start the update procedure! In order to initialize it, please type the following command and press the “ENTER” key on your keyboard:


ghost update


Upon doing so, the update process is immediately initiated. It might take a few minutes to complete so, please be patient. This process involves various checks to ensure that the system supports all the requirements for the new version. After that, it is downloading the newest version from the official ghost repository and it is applying it.


Ghost updated output


Note that this process also keeps the old version’s files available so that you may perform a roll-back. These files are kept within the root directory of the website under the “versions folder. You may want to do this if you are using a custom theme and functionality on your website, and it becomes inaccessible after the update.

To initiate a roll-back option, please type in the following command and press the “ENTER” key on your keyboard.


ghost update -r


Roll back Ghost Update


If you look at the screenshots closely, you are going to notice that both processes are petty similar and the previous version’s files are always kept, just in case!


There you have it! In an effortless and safe way, you can perform updates on your Ghost blogs. If you are not feeling confident enough doing this yourself, please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team! They are 24/7 available via the ticketing system in your Client Area.



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