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• Last Updated: 01/09/2020
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How to access the HostArmada Client Area


As a customer-oriented company, our clients’ convenience is the main priority. Therefore, our team had put a great effort to develop a user-friendly and feature-rich Client Area (“Client Dashboard”). This is the place where each of our customers will be able to manage their personal information, service payments and the products they utilize with us, including domain names, hosting services and additional services. The Client Area is the portal for contacting the Technical Support Department and accessing any previous communication records. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to access your Client Area with us.

Upon purchasing any product from HostArmada every customer is provided with their own Client Area. During the checkout process, each customer will be required to specify their login credentials, including email address (which will be considered as username) and a password. It is essentially important to keep these details safe and not to share them with anyone in order to avoid unauthorized access.


Accessing the Client Area

Consequent to a successful order submission each customer will be informed with an email notification sent to the specified email address during the service purchase. At the point when the email is received the Client Area will be automatically created and you will be able to sign in.

In order to do that, please access our main webpage hostarmada.com and click on the “SIGN IN” button located at the top right corner.


Sing In button


Alternatively, you can use the direct Login Page URL:


In both cases, you will be presented with the Client Area Login page where you will need to enter your login username (email address) and password. Please note that due to security reasons reCaptcha form is enabled on our login page, therefore you will need to make sure to tick the “I’m not a robot” checkbox and resolve the captcha if needed.


Client Area Login screen


When you are ready simply click on the “Login” button. Once this is done you will be automatically redirected to your Client Area Home Page.


Home Page overview


This is the place where you will be able to manage your account and service with HostArmada.


Client Area Access Recovery

In an event of unsuccessful login, please click on the “Forgot your password?” text-button located under the “Login” button on the Client Area Login page. Afterward, you will be presented with the “Lost Password Recovery” screen where you will need to enter the email address associated with your HostArmada account. Once again you will need to confirm the reCaptcha and then click on the “Reset Password” button.


Lost Password Recovery screen


Please note that a password recovery email will be sent only in case the email address entered is associated with an existing account.

In case, you do not remember the email address of your account, you have made a typo during the checkout or there is another issue present, please immediately contact our Support Team for further assistance.


We sincerely hope you have found the information in our guide useful and we would like to thank you for choosing our services. Please make sure to take a moment to review the following guides in order to get the best experience with your Client Area with HostArmada. 

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