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• Last Updated: 07/22/2020
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How to use the Terminal feature in cPanel?


Typically, a person who is well acquainted with Linux and SSH will have no issues at all, opening up the terminal and connecting to their account. A few builds ago, cPanel introduced the “Terminal” feature inside the cPanel, which allows ease of access to anybody who wants to utilize the SSH protocol and manage their hosting account. It is great not only for a regular, non-tech savvy user but can also come in handy for experienced Linux users, depending on the situation. In this tutorial, we are going to be exploring cPanel’s “Terminal” feature and how easy it is to access it! Let’s begin!


Getting Started

For a start, you have to log into your cPanel account. If you are not sure how to do so, please feel free to check and follow another tutorial we have released - "How to access cPanel".

Once logged, please use the search field on the top and type in “Terminal” this will filter out all the results and present exactly what you are looking for!


cPanel Terminal tool


Alternatively, you can navigate to the "Advanced" features group under which you will find the "Terminal" feature.


Using the Terminal

Now that you have located the “Terminal” feature, please click on the icon representing it. This action will redirect you to a different interface that has a single button there and a warning preceding it. You should be very careful and responsible when using the terminal as if you execute an incorrect command, you may completely destroy your application or your cPanel, as the terminal does give you access to folders that contain cPanel core files.


cPanel Terminal feature Warning


If you understand the consequences that come with using the terminal, then please press the “I understand and want to proceed” button.

Doing so will cause a brief loading, and the terminal will be launched in the middle of the screen, completely prompt for work!


cPanel Terminal Connect and Ready for use


You may start navigating through your files and folders and manage your application or account as you would typically do if you use a standard SSH connection from an SSH client or your Linux/Mac terminals.

As we are fully aware of how well-informed you need to be to operate properly over the terminal, we have made a series of SSH knowledgebase articles that aim to give any reader a solid foundation on which they can start building up and polish their Linux skills!

If you do not feel confident enough using the terminal, then you should consider contacting our technical support team over the ticketing system in your Client Area. They are well-experienced with the SSH protocol, and they will be happy to help you accomplish any goal you have but are still not comfortable enough doing it on your own!



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