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Google Analytics is a tool to measure your website's traffic using the world's most advanced tracking platform.

• Last Updated: 07/18/2020
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How to analyze your site reports in Google Analytics


One of the most important things for every website owner is knowing how their website performs and how the visitors interact with it. Google Analytics is among the most powerful and popular web traffic tracking tools with around 70k users. Thanks to the JavaScript code snippet added to your website pages, Google Analytics collects anonymous information for each visitor and how they interact with your site. This data is then processed and served to you in the form of convenient reports that you can use as a base for your future strategies.

So far so good! Although, there are a lot of users experiencing difficulties in analyzing the reports efficiently and consequently not taking the best possible advantage of them. With the hope of bringing a little bit more light on the pieces of information, you gather from Google Analytics we have decided to dedicate this tutorial to get you acquainted with the reports and how to properly "read" the valuable information you can find in them. Before we dive deep into Google Analytics, you may also want to learn about the Key Metrics you should track and how to benefit from them.


Google Analytics Overview

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using the Demo account of a Google Merchandise Store. Although the account is eCommerce oriented, the data and reports we will be discussing further in this guide are applicable to all kinds of websites.

At this point, we assume your Google Analytics account is already set up and you have integrated it into your website. If you have not done that yet, please be sure to check our Google Analytics Setup tutorial.



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