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• Last Updated: 05/14/2020
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How to Password Protect your Ghost blog


Having the option to make your blog private is a great feature to have at your disposal. It is particularly useful when you have just installed Ghost, and you would like to work on your design or even publish a few posts before taking it live.

Another reason could be exclusivity. You may want to start a small community and write content for them exclusively and only provide the password to people who are a part of that community. This creates interest and hype, especially if you are writing engaging posts.

Private blogs have all their SEO and social features disabled and require password authentication to access when you visit them. In this tutorial, we are going to take you through the process of making your blog private and inaccessible to the public audience! Let’s get started.


Accessing the General Settings

For a start, you have to log into your Ghost Admin Dashboard. To do so, please open your favorite browser and enter your domain name, followed by "/ghost". For example:

  • ghost.hostarmadatutorials.com/ghost


Login page


After logging in, please point your attention to the left side of the screen. You will see a sidebar, and from the listed choices, please click the “General” option.


Access General Settings


This will take you to the “General Settings” page, allowing you to perform all sorts of changes on your blog. The functionality we will be discussing in this tutorial is located under the “Advanced Settings” section.


Configuring Password Protection

Under the “Advanced Settings”, you will notice a single row, and at the far right side of it, you will see a toggle switch. To make your blog private, please click on it.


Enable Password Protection


Doing so will turn the toggle switch green. Underneath you will see a text field, allowing you to set a password. 


Set Site Password


Each time someone visits your website, they will see a text field in the middle of the page, and they will be required to enter this password, in order to gain access to your posts.


Save Settings


To activate this for your website, please press the “Save settings” button, located on the top right corner of the page.


Password Protected Login page


If you try to visit your website, this is the message you are going to receive. To enter the website, please type in the password you have just set up!


There you have it! The way of making your blog private and setting password authentication required for gaining access. We hope that this tutorial was useful. If you liked it, we recommend going over the rest of our Ghost Tutorials!



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