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Young blogging platform build on tope of node.js for fast loading speed and easy scalability!


Ghost is a free, innovative open-source blog publishing platform developed using JavaScript. Creator John O'Nolan had initially worked at WordPress's and, more specifically, the UI team. He did not like where the development of WordPress was going because of the introduced complexity, slowly turning it into a CMS(Content Management System) rather than a blogging application.

Ghost aims to simplify the process of online blogging and specializes in that field exclusively. Introduced in 2012 and officially released in 2013 with funds collected with a successful kickstarted campaign that totaled over £190 000 during its duration.

The ease of access, combined with the robust blogging tools such as the beautiful post editor and distribution options, makes it a fantastic choice amongst bloggers all around the world. Being written in JavaScript has its perks, and speed is arguably the main one. Compared to other blogging platforms built with PHP, you will notice a drastic speed difference, and you will fall in love with how simple it is to write content and publish it online.

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• Installation & Update

In this section, you can find comprehensive guides on installing or updating the Ghost Application on all the hosting packages we offer.