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• Last Updated: 01/09/2020
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How to manage your Hosting Services through the HostArmada Client Area


In this tutorial, we will introduce the Service Management section available under your HostArmada Client Area (“Client Dashboard”). The main purpose behind developing this area is to grant full control and allow easy management of all hosting services you are using with HostArmada. In the following lines, we will explain all the details and guide you on how to efficiently administer your services.


My Services Page Overview

For a start, please log in to your HostArmada Client Area. In order to access the Service Management section, you can either click on “My Services” located at the left-hand side menu bar or on the “View All” button located under the “My Services” block.


Accessing My Services page


On the new page, you will see a list of all the hosting services you are currently using with us. Each service is presented in an individual panel displaying essential information, such as the product name, the type of product, the primary domain name, the billing cycle, the next due date, as well as the nameservers and the server IP address.


My Services page overview


Right below the service information, you will notice a few Quick Access buttons. We will review and explain each of them following the same order as they are displayed on your end (left-to-right).

  • Access Website - This button allows you to directly access the primary domain name of the corresponding hosting service.
  • Control Panel - This button automatically redirects you to the control panel of your hosting service. In case you are using a shared hosting service, it will redirect you to your cPanel account. While, if you are using a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server it will redirect you to the WHM account.
  • Manage Service - This button will redirect you to the “Product Details” page.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade - By clicking on this button you will be redirected to the “Upgrade Center” where you can request an upgrade or downgrade of your current hosting service.
  • Request Cancellation - Clicking on this button will present you with the Service Cancellation form which has to be filled and submitted in order to request the cancellation of a given hosting service.


Managing Hosting Services

In order to access the “Product Details” page and further manage your hosting service, you will need to either click on the pointing hand icon (the third Quick Access button) or click on the more options icon (the three vertical dots) and select “Manage Service”.


Accessing the Product Details page


Once you access the “Product Details” page you will notice it is split into six blocks containing specific details related to the service. Even though they are quite self-explanatory we will review each of them and interpret the information they hold.


Product Details page overview


You are already familiar with the information contained in the first block therefore we will not bore you by reviewing it again.

The second block (in the first line) contains two sections:

  • Product Details - The datacenter location of your hosting service, the type of service, the service name and the primary domain name associated with it.
  • Billing Details - The billing cycle selected for the service, the next due date and the recurring amount of the service.

The third “Usage Statistics” block tracks and displays the current disk and bandwidth usage of your hosting account as well as its total capacity. Below you will see the time of the last update of the metrics.

The first block in the second line shows your currently activated additional services as well as the addons available for purchase.

The second block contains Quick Access buttons to a number of useful cPanel tools, including your email accounts, file manager, backups, addon and subdomains, databases, etc. They allow you to directly access the corresponding tool without the need of signing in to your cPanel account.

From the last block, you will be able to directly change the password for your cPanel account. Please note that this change will NOT affect the Client Area login credentials in any way, it is intended for your cPanel account only.


We hope that the information provided in this tutorial was useful to you and now you feel comfortable working with the Service Management section of your Client Area. In case you have any additional questions or you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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