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• Last Updated: 01/09/2020
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How to manage your Domain Names through the HostArmada Client Area


In this tutorial, we will introduce the Domain Management section available under your HostArmada Client Area (“Client Dashboard”). We will guide you on how to maintain your domain names with HostArmada, how to register new domain names and how to transfer domain names from other providers to us.


My Domains Page Overview

For a start, please log in to your HostArmada Client Area. On the Home Page, you will notice the “Domains” block which indicates the total number of domain names you have with Host Armada, as well as the number of currently active domain names. Beneath that, you have two Quick Access buttons which will redirect you to the domain registration or domain transfer pages.

If you expand the “Domains” section in the left-hand side menu bar you will be presented with a few options: to register, transfer, and renew domain names, as well as to access the domain management page. As we will be reviewing it in this section, please click on “My Domains”.


Domains section overview


Under the “My Domains” page you will see a list of all the domain names you have registered and transferred to HostArmada. Each row displays the information of the corresponding domain name, such as registration date, next due date, auto-renewal status, and domain status. The padlock icon indicates whether there is an active SSL certificate installed on the given domain name.


My Domains page overview


In the following section, we will review the process of further managing your domain names.


Managing Domains

While you are on the “My Domains” page, please click on the arrow icon next to the corresponding domain name and you will be provided with a few options. In order to further manage the domain name, you can click on “Manage Domain” or directly on the wrench icon.


Selecting the Manage Domain option


The first information block displays the status of the domain name, the registration, expiration and next due dates, as well as the billing information. Beneath these details, you will notice a few Quick Access buttons:

  • Contact Info - By clicking on this button you will be able to edit the contact information associated with your domain, such as names, company, email address, phone number, etc., in other words, the ownership details of the domain name.
  • Get EPP Code - This button will allow you to request the EPP code (authorization code) needed in order to transfer the domain name to another provider.
  • Enable Lock - This button will allow you to control if the Registrar lock is enabled. Please note that unless you are planning to transfer the domain name it is recommended to keep it enabled for additional security.
  • Auto Renewal Off/On - From this button, you can control whether the domain name will be automatically renewed or not. In our case, the auto-renewal option is enabled therefore we have displayed “Auto Renewal Off” - by clicking on it, it will be displayed.

The second “Nameservers & DNS Zone” block is where you can manage your nameservers, as well as the DNS records of the domain name. You will see to radio buttons: “Use default nameservers” meaning the nameservers of your hosting account with HostArmada and “Use custom nameservers” in case you would like to enter your own nameservers.


Managing Domain page overview


Below that you will see a list of available additional service you can purchase and apply to your domain names if needed.


Registering Domains

The domain registration process is quite simple and straightforward. In order to do that, please either click on the “Register” button available on the Home Page under the “Domains” block or on the “Register” option in the left menu bar.

On the new page, all you will need to do is to enter the desired name and select the domain extension (TLD) from the dropdown menu.

Once you do that, please click on the “Check Domain” button to confirm it is available for registration.


Checking the domain availability


After you receive the message stating the domain name is available for registration, please select the registration term from the dropdown menu and click on the “Continue” button to further proceed with the purchase.

Once this is done you will be provided with an option to add a hosting package associated with the domain name as well as to configure your nameservers in advance.


Selecting hosting account


You will also be able to select any desired additional services on the fly. Once ready - click on the “Continue” button to proceed to the last step.


Selecting Domain addons


On the final step, you will be able to review your billing details and your purchase. You can also leave additional notes if needed. They will be taken under consideration by our team during processing your order.


Confirming the domain registration order


Please note that in order to process further you will need to agree to our Terms of Services. You will find a direct link where you can review them. Once you are ready, please click on the “Continue” button in order to process the payment and finalize the purchase.


Transferring Domains

A few important notes to make concerning the process of transferring a domain name from one Domain Registrar to another. There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before you step into placing a transfer order.

  • The domain name has to be registered at least 60 days ago.
  • You must ensure there is no Registrar Lock applied on the domain name.
  • The domain name must NOT have a Privacy Protection applied.
  • You need to obtain the EPP transfer Code (Authorization Code) from the current domain registrar.

Please note that depending on the domain TLD the above-mentioned criteria may differ. Some ccTLDs (country-specific extensions) have specific transfer requirements.

The process of placing a domain transfer order is pretty much the same as registering a new domain name with the main difference that you will be required to provide the EPP code (Authorization Code) on the second step during the order.


Entering the EPP transfer code


The rest of the process should be done in the same manner as registering a new domain name.

Once the order is completed and processed by HostArmada, you will receive confirmation emails sent to the current administrative email address associated with the domain name. After the process is successfully initiated it may take up to seven days to be completed.


Renewing Domains

The domain renewal process is extremely simple and it only concerns you in case you have disabled the auto-renewal option or in an event of payment failure. To manually renew your domain name(s), please click on the “Renew” option displayed under the “Domains” section at the left menu bar.

Afterward, select the domain name(s) by clicking on the corresponding checkbox(es), select the renewal term from the “Renew For” dropdown and click on the “Order Now” button.


Renewing domain name


Once this is done, all you will need to do is to confirm you agree to our Terms of Services and click on “Checkout” to proceed with the renewal payment.


That is all! Now you know how to manage your domain names with HostArmada, as well as how to register and transfer domain names. We hope you have found the information in this tutorial useful and the instructions easy to follow. In case you happen to experience any difficulties, please make sure to contact our Support Team for further assistance.

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