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• Last Updated: 02/06/2020
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How to start a new website with HostArmada Website Builder


Starting a website is every time a challenging endeavor. From picking the programming language to choosing the design or writing the content every bit of work needs attention in order to build a lasting user experience combined with outstanding design and functionality. Often you will find yourself lost since not everyone is a specialist in every job involved in the process. Fortunately, the Host Armada Website Builder resolves this issue by combining an easy-to-use website builder with the power of the cPanel control panel. In the next few lines of this tutorial, we will get you started with the HostArmada Website Builder. 


Creating your first website

To start using the HostArmada Website Builder you will first have to access it. If you are not sure how to do that please check our tutorial "How to access HostArmada Website Builder" as there we have explained the steps you will need to take. 

Once you access the HostArmada Website Builder you will be presented with the main page of the Builder also called "Dashboard". The design is plain and simple and you may be recognizing the structure since every other administrative interface is using such. The main menu containing all the options the HostArmada Website Builder has to offer is positioned vertically on the left side of the page while the content for the page is positioned in the remaining space. At the top, you will find a horizontal menu containing different tools that will help you to manage the website built with this builder and also your user profile. 


The main interface of the HostArmada Website Builder


Now that you are familiar with the interface of the HostArmada Website Builder it is time to understand how the builder actually works when there are no websites created with it. 

Assuming that this is the first time you are visiting the website builder, you will be presented with a message encouraging you to choose a Theme for your website. And this is what you should do. Please note that you cannot create pages or utilize the Builder itself without choosing a theme for your website. You have two options for choosing a Theme - either you choose the template from the list you are presented on the "Dashboard" page, or you can click on the "Themes" link from the main vertical navigation menu positioned on the right side of the page. 


Choosing the theme for your website builder


You can browse within several categories of Themes and find the theme that matches your needs the most. Once you find the theme, please click on the green "Activate" button so the theme can be activated. The Builder will then load all the theme's components and will redirect you directly to the editing page for the theme which we will review in our tutorial "How to Edit a Page in HostArmada Website Builder?".

Please bear in mind that the default selected domain for which you will be creating a website will be the primary domain for your Web Hosting Account. If you would like to create a website for any other domain or subdomain please check our other tutorial "How to manage your existing websites built with HostArmada Website Builder". 

That's it! You have successfully created your first website using the HostArmada Website Builder. Of course, there is quite a lot more you can achieve with the Builder and to get fully familiar with it we strongly suggest that you should review all other tutorials on the matter.



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