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• Last Updated: 04/11/2020
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How to change your X-Cart Theme (Skin)


It is obvious how fundamentally important it is to choose the perfect theme for your website. Considering the fact that visual appearance has a significant impact on your visitors and online recognition, you should invest time and effort in finding a theme that matches your business necessities best.

In X-Cart, the themes are referred to as "Skins", and you get to choose among over 80 fully responsive, fully-featured, and well-designed themes.

By default, the application comes with the "CrispWhite" skin and the "Standard" skin, which is deprecated. New themes can be purchased and enabled from the X-Cart App Store.

Now, the hard part, which is solely your prerogative is to select the theme. What comes after - installing and configuring the theme on your store, is something we are going to step-by-step navigate you on.


Installing New Skins

For a start, please log in to your X-Cart Admin Dashboard and navigate through the left-hand side menu bar to Look & Feel Layout.

When there, please click on the "Visit template store" link.


Access the Template Store


Upon doing that, you are redirected to the X-Cart App Store, where you can see a list of all available skins. Once you select the desired one, you have to purchase it.


Purchasing New Themes


After you purchase and pay for the new Skin, you are being provided with the necessary license key over an email message. When you obtain the key, you have to activate it by clicking on the "Activate purchased skin" button back at the "Layout" section.


Activate Purchased Skin


A new form is going to appear where you need to enter the license key and click on the "Activate" button.  Once a valid key is provided, the theme is going to be automatically downloaded and installed on your store.

You are displayed with a progress bar, which indicates the state of the deployment process.


Installation progress bar


When the process is successfully completed, you are going to be displayed with an "All done!" message.

Please note that Commercial Skins cannot be activated for X-Cart Free Trials. In such a scenario, you are going to be required to activate your X-Cart license software first.


Changing Store Skins

Now that the new Skin is installed, it is time to activate it and change the default store theme.

On the "Layout" page, you can find your new Skin listed under the "Choose a new template" section. When you find it, select it by clicking on it and hit the "Submit" button.


Choose new template


Once this is done, your store is going to be redeployed once more. You are going to see a progress bar similar to the previous example. Please allow a few moments for the process to be completed. When done, your new store Skin is going to be automatically applied.


And with this done, your X-Cart store has a new completely different look. We hope you have managed to complete this task with ease. If you have experienced any sort of difficulties or you have ended up receiving some error messages, please escalate this request to our Technical Support Department by submitting a ticket from your HostArmada Client Area. Our team is going to handle the theme installation and configuration for you.



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