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• Last Updated: 01/09/2020
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How to add a New Language in OpenCart 3


By default, OpenCart 3 comes with only one pre-installed language - the one selected during the installation. If you need to include additional languages they must be installed and configured manually. In this guide, we will show you how easily you can add extra languages to your OpenCart store within a few simple steps.


Getting Started

Installing language packs is just as easy as installing any other OpenCart 3 extension. The first thing we will need you to do is to download the language pack you wish to install. You can do that directly from your OpenCart Admin Dashboard by navigating through the left menu bar to Extensions > Marketplace.


Accessing the Marketplace page


You can use to search box to find the language pack you are looking for. If you are unable to locate the desired language there, please go ahead and download it from the official OpenCart Marketplace which you can directly access from here.

Before you download any language pack, please make sure it is compatible with your OpenCart version. Also, note that some language packs are paid, therefore additional changes might be applied.


Installing the Language Pack

Now that you have the language pack downloaded to your local computer you are ready to step into the installation. Please navigate through the left menu bar in your OpenCart Admin Dashboard to Extensions > Installer.


Uploading the Language pack


Afterward, please click on the “Upload” button and select the archive file from your local computer. Once you select the file, allow it with a few moments until the download process is completed.


Installing the Language pack


If everything goes as expected you will receive a “Success!” message stating the pack had been successfully installed.


Configuring the Language

Now, in order to set up your new language, please head to System > Localisation > Languages.


Accessing the Languages page


Once you are on the “Languages” page, please click on the blue “+” button at the top right corner to add your new language.


Adding the new language


Then you will be presented with the “Add Language” page where you will need to fill in the language details.


Configuring the language


The details you need to enter here are usually provided in the documentation of the language pack you have downloaded.

  • Language Name - In this field, you will need to enter the title of the language.
  • Code - This field determines the language ISO code which should be automatically included in the dropdown menu after the installation. If needed you can find a list of ISO codes here
  • Locale - This is a code used by browsers to auto-detect the default language of the website. This information should be available in the language pack documentation.  
  • Status - This setting determines if the language is enabled or disabled.
  • Sort Order - Determines the position of the language compared to the other languages available at your store. The lower the value entered is higher the language will be positioned.

Once you are ready, please do not forget to click on the blue save button at the top right corner of the page to finalize the configuration of your new language.

If you need to edit the default language of your store or admin area you can do that by going to System > Settings > Locale. For detailed instructions, please take a look at our guide available here.

All left to be done now is to confirm the language is successfully enabled in your store. Please, access your website and click on the “Language” dropdown menu at the top left corner - fingers crossed it will appear!


Languages on the storefront


And, Voilà!

Now you know how to include additional language to your OpenCart Online Store. We hope you have found our tutorial useful and easy to follow and we would like to welcome you to contact our Support Team in case any additional assistance is needed.


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