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• Last Updated: 01/09/2020
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How to edit Information Pages in OpenCart 3


In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to edit the default Information pages preconfigured by OpenCart. The “About Us”, “Delivery Information”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Terms & Conditions” pages are displayed on the store frontend under the “Information” section positioned at the bottom-left corner (the footer). We will show you how to customize them and configure your store information, as well as, how to remove them and add new pages.


Getting Started

In order to edit the Information pages, please log in to your OpenCart Admin Dashboard and navigate through the left menu bar to Catalog > Information.


Accessing the Information page


This is the page where you will be managing your OpenCart Information pages. You will be able to create and delete pages by clicking on the corresponding “Add New” and “Delete” buttons (upper-right corner) and customize the existing pages by clicking on the “Edit” button next to each of them.


Information page overview


In the following lines, we will explain in detail how to change the content of these pages and set them up depending on your store’s needs.


Editing Information pages

All of the pages are structured exactly the same, therefore we will review the first “About Us” as an example. Please feel free to select whichever page you are aiming to customize and click on the corresponding “Edit” button. When you access the “Edit” dashboard you will notice that it is split into four tabs that contain different settings.

From the first “General” tab you will be able to customize the page information and the metadata related to the page.


General tab settings


  • Information Title - This field determines the title of the given page.
  • Description - Here you will need to enter the actual content of the page which will be displayed once it is accessed. You can use the tools available in the top bar which will allow you to easily format the text, add links, images, etc.


General tab additional settings


  • Meta Tag Title - Represents the name of your page as it will be displayed in the browser title bar.
  • Meta Tag Description - This is the metadata description of the page. The meta tags do not appear on the page itself, they are used by search engines and are displayed in search results.
  • Meta Tag Keywords - In this field, you need to enter all the keywords related to the page. They will help search engines to determine what this page is about.

When you are ready, please switch to the next “Data” tab. From here, you will be able to maintain the appearance of the page.


Data tab settings


  • Stores - In case you are managing multiple stores within the same installation you will be able to select the actual store to edit from this list. In our case, it is not a multistore installation, therefore we have only the “Default” option.
  • Bottom - This checkbox determines whether the page will be listed under the “Information” section positioned in the footer on the store frontend.
  • Status - From this dropdown menu you will be able to control whether the page is “Enabled” or “Disabled”.
  • Sort Order - The value entered here determined the position of the page compared to the rest of the pages listed under the “Information” section on the storefront.

When you are ready, please switch to the following “SEO” tab. You will see only one field here which will allow you to customize the SEO URL of the page. More information about how to set up SEO friendly URLs in OpenCart you can find in our guide available here.


SEO tab settings


Once you are done, please switch to the last “Design” tab. From the “Layout Override” dropdown menu you will be able to select a different layout for the page if needed.


Design tab settings


Once you are ready, please click on the blue “Save” button at the upper-right corner to record the changes you have made.

When that is done, please go ahead and check if the page appears properly on the storefront. If you are pleased with the result - you are all set! We hope you have found the information provided in this guide useful and our instructions easy to follow. In case you have any additional questions you are always welcome to contact our Support Team.



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