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• Last Updated: 03/11/2020
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How to configure Default Currency and Weight Units in X-Cart


As an Online Store owner, you are aware of how important it is to ensure everything is correctly configured before you start selling your products. To alter X-Cart to meet the specific needs of your target market, you need to ensure your currency and weight units are accurately set up.

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to configure the Currency, Units of Measure, and Date Format settings in your X-Cart Online Store. This process is relatively simple yet vital to ensure adequate business functionality.


Accessing the Localization page

For a start, please log in to your X-Cart Admin Area and navigate through the left-hand side menu bar to Store setup Localization.


Accessing the Localization page


The "Localization" page is split into two tabs - "Units & Formats", where you have to set up the measurement units and date formats, and "Currency", where you have to configure the default currency settings. In the following lines, we are going to overview each of the tabs, and we will thoroughly explain every single setting they hold.


Configuring Units of Measure and Date Formats

Let's start with the measurement units and date formats as this is tab opened by default when you land on the "Localization" page.

The first group of settings is related to the measurement unit parameters. You have to specify the following details:

  • Weight unit - From this dropdown menu, you have to select the unit which is going to be used to measure your products' weight.
  • Weight symbol - The weight symbol is automatically adjusted based on your weight unit selection. Although, if you want to choose a different one for some reason, feel free to do so.
  • Hide trailing zeros in fractional part - This toggle switch lets you control whether the trailing zeros in the decimal part of numbers to be trimmed when they are displayed on the store frontend. In case it is enabled, a weight value set as "2.500 lbs" in your backend, is going to be automatically converted and displayed as "2.5 lbs" on the storefront.
  • Weight format - From this dropdown menu, you need to select the most suitable format to display weight values on your storefront.
  • Percent format - The same applies here but for percentage values.
  • Dimensional unit - From this dropdown menu, you have to select the unit which is going to be used to measure your products' dimensions.
  • Dimensional symbol - The dimensional symbol is automatically adjusted based on your dimensional unit selection. In case you would like to select another symbol for one reason or another, you can do so.


Configuring Measurement Units


In the following section, you have to configure your Date and Time preferences, along with import and export settings.

  • Date format - Your selection here determines the date display format.
  • First day of week -  This setting allows you to select which day of the week is the first workday.
  • Time format - Determines the time display format.
  • Time zone - From this dropdown menu, you need to select the appropriate time zone for your store.
  • CSV column delimiter -  The character to be used to delimit columns in CSV files.
  • Import/export charset - The charset to be used for CSV files.
  • Export product data with - Determines the attribute set to be used for export CSV files.


Configuring Date, Time, and CSV file settings


When you perform the desired changes, please do not forget to click on the "Submit" button to apply them.


Configuring Default Store Currency

X-Cart supports two currency types - transactional and display currency.

The Transactional (default) currency is used for processing all transactions in your store. It also determines how product prices and all product-related costs are set and kept in the database.

The display currency, on the other hand, represents the currency shown to your customers on the storefront. By default, in X-Cart, you can configure only one display currency. In case you need to configure multiple display currencies, you are allowed to do so by installing and enabling the Multicurrency addon. If you need further guidance, please refer to our How to install Addons (Modules) in X-Cart tutorial, where you can find detailed instructions on the matter.

Now, to configure your default currency settings, please switch to the second "Currency" tab. Under it, you need to modify the following options:

  • Hide trailing zeros in fractional part - This checkbox lets you control whether decimal points to be shown on your display prices. If you enable it, a price of "100.00" is going to be displayed as "100". In other words, the value after the decimal separator will be truncated.
  • Store currency - From this dropdown menu, you have to select the default currency of your store.
  • Format - This setting determines the display format of your item prices.
  • Prefix/Suffix - These two fields are intended to determine the currency symbol position. Depending on your preferences, please enter the symbol in the corresponding field and leave the other one blank.


Configuring Default Store Currency


Once you are ready, please make sure to click on the "Save changes" button to apply them successfully.

Well done! At this point, you have covered one of the most critical aspects of your X-Cart configuration. Now you are one step closer to being ready and start selling online. We hope the information in this tutorial was useful to you, and you have managed to follow our instructions easily. In case you have additional questions on this topic, please feel free to contact our Support Team.



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