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• Last Updated: 03/26/2020
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How to set up Handling Fee in X-Cart


Considering your overall business outlay, on some occasions, you might need to apply additional charges on top of your shipping rates to cover extra expenses. In X-Cart, this could be achieved by configuring Handling Frees for Carrier-calculated or Custom table rate-based shipping methods. Note that, the Fee can be configured only as a flat-rate and it is set up on a per-shipping method basis. When it is configured, the applicable fee is merged with the corresponding shipping rate during checkout. The surcharge itself is NOT displayed to your customers. Therefore they are not going to be aware that you are applying an additional fee.

If this sounds like something you would want to set up on your store, please find the details on how to accomplish this simple task below.


Accessing the Shipping section

For a start, please log in to your X-Cart Admin Area and navigate through the left-hand side menu bar to Store setup Shipping.

When there, please remain under the first "Settings" tab opened by default.


Accessing the Shipping section


Under this tab, you can see a list of the Shipping Methods configured in your store.


Setting Up Handling Fee

In the Shipping Methods table, you can see a column indicated as "Handling fee". All you have to do is locate the Shipping Method you want to configure the free for and click on the corresponding Handling Fee value.


Edit Handling Free


When you click on the default value, it becomes editable. Afterward, you have to enter the desired surcharge amount and click on the "Save changes" button to apply it.


Save Handling Fee


Once you are ready, you should go ahead and test whether the free is adequately calculated by submitting an order on your storefront. As soon as you verify the surcharge is applied as intended, you are all set.

Well done! Within a few simple mouse clicks, you have managed to configure your very first Handling Fee. Now you can successfully charge your customer the required amount and cover your additional costs. We hope this information is going to be useful for your future store management. In case you have experienced any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team. They remain 24/7 available at your disposal.



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