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• Last Updated: 03/19/2020
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How to edit Email Notifications in X-Cart


In X-Cart, like in any other eCommerce software, the templates used for the automatically generated email notifications are configured by default for your convenience. On some occasions, you might need to edit the general settings or customize the template itself and give it a personal touch.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to control your Email Notifications and modify their Subject, Header, Greeting, and Signature.


Accessing the Email Notifications Settings

To begin, please log in to your X-Cart Admin Area and navigate through the left-hand side menu bar to Store setup Email notifications.


Accessing the Email Notifications Settings


You can see there are several tabs on this page. In this guide, our primary focus is going to be on the first two "Settings" and "Header, greeting & signature" tabs, as they hold the settings related to the email notifications.


Editing Email Notifications

Under the first "Settings" tab, you can see a table containing a full list of all automatically generated Email Notifications in X-Cart. It consists of three columns:

  • Name - Indicates the title of the notification and contains a brief description.
  • Administrator - If the toggle switch button is located under this column, it points out the particular notification is intended for the administrator user(s). The On/Off status indicates whether the notification is enabled or disabled.
  • Customer - The above description applies to this column as well, with the difference that the toggle switch indicates the corresponding notification is intended for customers.

Generally, all email notifications have the same configuration structure. Therefore, we are going to give you an example with the "Failed login attempt" notification.

Afterward, you are going to have the fundamental idea of how to edit and configure the rest of them.

To edit a particular email notification, you have to click on its title.


Editing Email Notification


Each Notification page is divided into three sections holding specific settings.

Under the first section, you can edit the "State", which controls whether this notification is enabled or disabled, and you can modify the "Subject" of the email message. You are allowed to use variables for the email subject, if necessary. A full list of all variables supported for this notification could be found by hovering over the question mark icon.

Variables allow you to provide a placeholder for a changeable value. The placeholder could be the recipient of the email message, order ID, reset link, etc.


Edit Email Notification State and Subject


Second is the "Scheme" section. Under it, you can enable/disable the Email Notification's "Header", "Greeting", and "Signature" by using the corresponding toggle switch button. We are going to review how to customize them in the following section of this tutorial.

The "Text" content-box is where you have to enter the actual Email Notification body content. It is represented by a WYSIWG editor with some pretty handy tools, which allow you to easily format the text, insert images, links, etc. You are also allowed to use variables for the body text. You can check the available variables by again hovering over the question mark icon next to it.


Edit Email Notification Scheme


The "Dynamic Message" option is intended in case you want to insert a specific TWIG code into the Email Notification. In such a case, you need to click on the "Edit" button. Once this is done, a new tab is going to open, and under it, you have to click on the "Add TWIG code" button to insert the necessary code.


Add TWIG Code to Email Notification


Last is the "System settings" section, which can be expanded by clicking on the arrow icon. Under it, you are going to be able to edit the Email Notification title and descriptions, which are intended for your and other admin users' reference.


Edit Email Notification System Settings


When you perform the intended changes, please do not forget to click on the "Save changes" button to apply them. You can also preview the Email Notification and send it to your admin email address to check the result.


Customizing Email Notifications Header, Greeting & Signature

Now that you know how to edit your Email Notifications let's see how to customize their Header, Greeting, and Signature.

This can be done from the second "Header, greeting & signature" tab. 

You can see there are two sections under this tab:

  • Customer email notification - Applicable to all Email Notifications intended for your customers.
  • Admin email notification - Applicable to all Email Notifications intended for the admin users.

The format of each group and the manner in which they are edited is the same, therefore we are going to give you an example with the first customers' group.


Customizing Email Notification Header, Greeting, and Signature


When editing the Header, Greeting, and Signature, you are also allowed to use variables. For instance, you can see that the default values are constructed using variables. Similar to the previous examples, you can see the relevant variables by clicking on the corresponding question mark icon.

When you apply the desired changes, please hit the "Save changes" button.

Here we would like to take a moment to congratulate you on learning how to handle your X-Cart Email Notifications and thank you for trusting our guidance. We hope you found the tutorial useful and easy to follow. As always, in case something was not entirely clear, or you happen to experience any difficulties, you are welcome to contact our Support Team.



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