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• Last Updated: 01/22/2020
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How to configure the Mail Routing in cPanel?


In order to properly instruct cPanel on what to do with the incoming emails for your domains, you should configure a feature of cPanel called "Email Routing". Тhis feature works with the MX DNS record for a domain, so the options you will be configuring here might also require you to perform modifications on the DNS level as well. Let's begin!


Accessing the Email Routing feature in cPanel

To use any of the features cPanel has to offer you will first have to login to the cPanel service. When you are logged in you will be redirected to the home page of cPanel with a complete list of all the features cPanel has to offer. Out of all these, please locate the "Email Routing" feature in the "Email" features group.


Accessing the Email Routing feature of cPanel


When you click it, cPanel will redirect you to a brand new page with all the options you need to configure for the Email Routing of your domains.


Changing the Email Routing for a domain

Before you can actually configure the email routing you will have to pick a domain name which is the first thing cPanel prompts you with on the "Email Routing" feature main page. Please use the "Domain" drop-down list to select the correct domain you would like to manage the routing for. 


Selecting the domain name you would like to manage the emails for


Once you click on a domain name cPanel will display the configuration options below the domain name in a new section called "Configure Email Routing". The currently active configuration will be displayed in Bold. Let's learn what each of the options in that section means. 


Automatically Detect Configuration

If you are not certain what option to configure in the "Configure Email Routing" section, the best choice will be this one. This option instructs cPanel to set the Email Routing based on the MX record of your domain. For example, if the MX record of your domain is resolving on the IP address of the Web Hosting Server, the automatic configuration will assume that you would like to receive the emails locally. However, if the MX record is resolving elsewhere, then cPanel will assume that your emails should be delivered remotely and will set a Remote Mail Exchanger as active.



The Local Mail Exchanger is the default setting when it comes to domains added to your cPanel account. In other words, all emails sent to your domains will be delivered always as long as they reach the Web Hosting Server. This is the most common option to choose when you would like to have your emails handled by your Web Hosting Account with us. 


Backup Mail Exchanger

Whenever you have multiple MX records configured for a domain name, the mail service typically picks the one configured with the lowest number for Priority (for example with 0 priority). However, if the lowest in priority server is not available the mail service will pick the next one in priority (for example with 1 priority). The purpose of the backup mail exchanger is to act as second or third in the priority mail exchanger. By having such MX record configuration and also the "Backup Mail Exchanger" option selected, you will allow cPanel to hold all incoming mails locally until the primary (for example with 0 priority) mail exchanger is available once again.


Remote Mail Exchanger

This option will instruct cPanel that no emails should be accepted for email accounts associated with the selected domain name since the incoming email service for the same is handled elsewhere. This option should be chosen if for example G Suite integration should be made with your domain name. 


Mail Exchanger options


Understanding how cPanel treats the inbound emails for your domains is critical when you would like to achieve a specific setup for the incoming emails. Please remember that if you are a HostArmda customer and if you would like your emails handled by us, you should not perform any configurations in the "Mail Routing" cPanel feature due to the simple fact that we already configured everything by default for your emails to be handled by our mail servers. Still, if you need any incoming email assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Crew since they will assist you always with any Web Hosting Related issue you might experience. 


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